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4.2 - The Great Terror

During the Great Terror, what happened in many parts of the USSR? Millions of people were arrested and either shot or sent to labour camps.
Were the millions of people arrested and either shot or sent to labour camps during the Great Terror a specific type? No, they came from many different backgrounds; doctors, lawyers, writers, peasants and industrial workers.
What happened at one time during the Great Terror which led to random killings? Targets for the number in each town or village were set.
At one time during the Great Terror, targets for the number in each town or village were set. What did this lead to? Random killings.
How many people died in the Great Terror? The exact number will never be known, but it is suggested that as many as 12 million people died.
As a result of what did the suggested 12 million people die in the Great Terror? Either execution or from effects of the appalling conditions in the labour camps.
What did the NKVD have during the Great Terror? Spies everywhere.
What could the NKVD do during the Great Terror? Arrest almost anyone and punish them with little evidence.
Increasingly, what did people do to try and avoid being arrested themselves? Denounce others.
What were those who informed on work colleagues more likely to get? Promotion or better housing.
During the Great Terror, what could people do to get promotion or better housing? Inform on work colleagues.
Following arrest, what would happen to suspects? They would be interrogated, often viciously, and, if not shot, sent to a labour camp (gulag).
What happened at the gulags? The prisoners there worked in terrible conditions. One in five died each year from the cold or from starvation. They were given brutally difficult jobs to do, such as constructing canals with picks and shovels and no proper machinery.
What could Russians be proud of? The achievements under Stalin.
What was the dark side of the achievements under Stalin that the Russians could be proud of? Many Russians had little idea of the conditions in which the achievements were made.
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