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4.1 - The power struggle between Stalin, Trotsky and other rivals in the 1920s

What happened in 1925 in the power struggle? Trotsky had few supporters in the Politburo (the ruling committee of the party). He was dismissed as Commissar for War.
When was Trotsky dismissed as Commissar for War? 1925
What happened in 1926 in the power struggle? Stalin persuaded the majority to continue to move slowly with the NEP. Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev were dismissed from the Politburo.
In 1926, what led to Stalin persuading the majority to continue to move slowly with the NEP? In spite of the effects of the NEP, farming was still very primitive. Trotsky argued for rapid change - in effect, the State control of agriculture, which was similar to the policy followed by Stalin a few years later.
Who did Trotsky have the support of in his argument for rapid change (seeing as, in spite of the effects of the NEP, farming was still very primitive)? Zinoviev and Kamenev.
When did Stalin persuade the majority to continue to move slowly with the NEP (after Trotsky, with the support of Zinoviev and Kamenev, argued for rapid change)? 1926
When were Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kamenev dismissed from the Politburo? 1926
What happened in 1927 in the power struggle? Zinoviev and Trotsky were expelled from the Communist Party. Their places were given to supporters of Stalin, such as Bukharin.
When were Zinoviev and Trotsky expelled from the Communist Party? 1927
What happened in the power struggle in 1928? Stalin said it was time to end the NEP and criticised those in the Politburo who were supporting the policy. They were expelled from the Politburo. Stalin controlled the Politburo with his supporters.
When did Stalin say it was time to end the NEP and criticise those in the Politburo who were supporting the policy? 1928
What happened in the power struggle in 1929? Trotsky was exiled from the USSR. Stalin was in complete control of the government.
When was Trotsky exiled from the USSR (and Stalin was in complete control of the government)? 1929
What happened in 1924, after Lenin's death? Stalin took charge at his funeral. Lenin's wife wanted his testament published, but Stalin persuaded the party's Central Committee not to do so.
What did Stalin persuading the Central Committee not to publish Lenin's testament mean for him? It was an obvious advantage to him as he was heavily criticised in it, more so than the other contenders for the leadership.
What did Stalin write? A book, 'Foundations of Leninism', which praised Lenin's policies, especially the NEP, and argued that they should continue.
In opposition to Stalin's book which argued that Lenin's policies should continue, what did Trotsky want? To spread communism to other countries such as Germany.
What did Trotsky's want to spread communism to other countries such as Germany develop into? His policy of 'Continuous Revolution'.
What did most Russians want? A period of stability.
What did most Russians wanting a period of stability cause them to do? Side with Stalin.
Give examples of Russians who sided with Stalin due to wanting a period of stability, what was significant about them? Kamenev and Zinoviev, who had been respected Bolshevik leaders under Lenin.
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