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4.1 - The death and funeral of Lenin

When did Lenin die? January 1924
How did Lenin die? Of a brain haemorrhage.
What had Lenin been during 1923? Invalid
Why had Lenin been invalid during 1923? He had suffered a series of strokes, the last of which left him speechless; he was only 53 years old.
What did Stalin and the other members of the Politburo have to arrange in January 1924? Lenin's funeral
Who had to arrange Lenin's funeral? Stalin and the other members of the Politburo.
What was the Politburo? The voting group of the Bolsheviks.
To ordinary Russians, what was Lenin? The hero.
Due to Lenin being seen as a hero by ordinary people, what happened after his death? Thousands of people wept openly in the streets. Over a million filed past his body in the Kremlin during the three days before his funeral. Lenin's body was not buried, but embalmed and put on display in a mausoleum in the Red Square in Moscow.
Soon after Lenin's death, what was the situation? Lenin's image was everywhere, on posters and statues.
What was the cause of Lenin's images being everywhere soon after his death? This was partly government-led, but it also reflected the deeply-felt views of many who worshipped Lenin and visited his mausoleum.
What was done to Petrograd in Lenin's honour? It was renamed Leningrad.
Created by: mollyyy