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Tsardom to Communism

1.3 - The roles and achievements of Lenin and Trotsky

What can be said about the rule of Lenin? Why? It was very brief. In 1922, he suffered a severe stroke and also survived an attempted assassination. He became severely disabled. He died in January 1924 at the age of 54.
What can be said about Lenin's achievements between 1917 and 1924? They were huge.
What developed after Lenin's death? A cult of Lenin. His image was everywhere - statues, posters, paintings. Petrograd was renamed Leningrad in his honour. Lenin's body was not buried but embalmed and put on display in a mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square.
Because of the way Lenin was treated as a hero after his death, what is there always the possibility that? His achievements could be exaggerated.
Although it is possible that Lenin's achievements could be exaggerated, what can be said about them? It is impossible to think of the Bolshevik's seizing power without his leadership. Lenin had kept going, usually in exile, once the Bolsheviks had been created out of the split of the Social Democrat Party. April Theses and persuasion to take over.
Give more detail on the 'April Theses' part of Lenin's achievements: It was he who returned in the 'sealed train' from Germany to Russia in April 1917 and told the small number of Bolshevik enthusiasts to prepare for revolution.
Give more detail on the 'persuasion to take over' part of Lenin's achievements: It was he who in October (1917) persuaded the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party to organise an immediate takeover from the Provisional Government.
As well as Lenin, what had Trotsky also been involved in? Trotsky had been very much involved in the successful revolution in October/November 1917, being responsible for the actual planning of the takeover.
As well as contributing hugely to the revolution, what had Trotsky done? Led the Red Army to victory in the Civil War with ruthless efficiency and organisation. It was Trotsky who organised the Red Terror during the Civil War and struck fear into the hearts of those wavering towards supporting the Whites.
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