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people in history key points Michael collins

Where was he born? Clonakilty in west cork
Why did he return from London? To fight in the 1916 Easter Rising
Where did he show his abilities to be a leader? in Frongoch Jail Where the brittish locked up all irish soliders after the rising that failed but when the brittish started to excute the leaders of the rebilion the irish became enraged and becane to rebel
what organization did he organise when he was released from jail? The IRB (the Irish republican Brotherhood )
What other organiseations was he involed with ? Sinn Fein and Irish Volunteers
Did De Velera take collins advice about the 'German Plot' in 1918 ? no and he and other Sinn Fein members got arrested by the British
in 1919 in the Dail what was collins title? the Minister of Finance
How much did the 'Dail Loan' raise? £350,000
what jail did collins organise the escape of De Velara ? Lincoln Jail
During the war of independence what was collins roll in the IRA? He was the Director of intelligence
Why did the British army want to organise the death of collins? because he organised the spy network.
how did the black in tans retaliate when his squad killed a group of the British spies on the morning of bloody Sunday. they killed 12 people at a football match in Croke Park
what happened after the war of independence in july of 1921? Collins was part of a team that 'signed a death warrant' when he signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty
How many votes was the treasty carried out by ? 64 to 57
What did collins argue that the Treaty was? he argued that it was a 'Stepping Stone to Independence'
after the treaty what did the British government do ? the gave power to the Irish to control their country
What was collins roll in the new government that now had power from the British ? he was now head of the provisional government
who wear the leaders of the Pro-treaty ? Grifitth and Collins
who wear the leaders of the Anti-treaty ? De Velara and Cathal Brugha
what began the civil war? The anti treaty took the four courts and and kid-napped a free state general. causing collins with the pro-treaty to retaliate
where was collins killed in an ambush in Beal na Mblath in west cork
ending? his death was a major blow as it deprived the country of and outstanding leader
Created by: DaisyHappyHugs
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