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SS Quiz 2


Fundamental Orders of Connecticut The 1st written constitution in the English Colonies, written in 1639, & expanded the idea of representative government.
Indentured Servant People who signed a contract to work for 5 to 7 years for whoever paid their passage money to the New World and after that period they were freed.
New England Town Meeting Citizens got together and directly made the laws they were to live by- this was an example of direct democracy (self government) in the British Colonies.
House of Burgesses The 1st representative assembly in the British Colonies, started in Virginia in 1619, and was modeled after Parliament-Britain's law-making body.
Dates of American Revolution From 1775-1783
Frontier The land Between areas occupied by European settlers & lands still occupied by Native Americans
French & Indian War At the end of the ______? Britain faced 2 major problems- 1st Britain needed money 2nd Native American discontent
"No Taxation without Representation" Instead of British Parliament taxing the colonies, colonists said that only colonists or their representatives had the right to pass colonial taxes
Thomas Jefferson He wrote the Declaration of Independence and later became the third US president
Constitution The document which defines the supreme law of our country, written in 1787, went into effect in 1789, and has been the government of the US for over 200 years
Northwest Ordinance The federal law passed in 1787 which allowed a territory to become a state equal with the original 13 states once it had 60,000 free citizens
James Madison The "Father of the US Constitution" who took complete notes of the proceedings at the Constitutional Convention and was the 4th President
Three-Fifths Compromise One major problem for the Constitutional Convention was concerning how to count the slave population in a state in deciding the number of representatives each deciding to count only 3/5th of the slave population in each state
Great Compromise The Constitutional Convention decided that in the House of Representatives the number of representatives each state gets is based upon a state's population. In the Senate each state gets two senators.
Republic A nation in which the voters elect representatives to govern them.
Federalism US government is based upon a sharing of power between the three levels - federal, state, and local governments
System of Checks & Balances Each of the 3 branches (executive, legislative, and judicial) has some way to control and be controlled by the other two branches so that no one branch becomes too powerful
Who Has the power to declare war? Only CONGRESS has the power to declare war under the Constitution
First Ten Amendments These are also known as the Bill of Rights, these amendments were added to list the rights of the people and to protect individual liberties
Reserved Powers The Constitution states that "powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved for the states and the people"
Concurrent Powers The powers that are shared between the federal & state governments, for example, both have the power to collect taxes.
How is the number of representatives from each stated decided for the House of Representatives? The number of representatives a state gets in the House of Representatives depends on the number of people or population in that state
What is the most cherished control exercised by the House of Representatives? All money bills (appropriation bills) must be first introduced into the House of Representatives
Created by: MsHarkness
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