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Tsardom to Communism

1.1 - The growing unpopularity of the Romanovs

When the war started, what did Romanov rule seem? Secure
By 1916, what was the Russian royal family? Very unpopular.
What was the unpopularity of the Russian royal family by 1916 partly due to? What else was it due to? The defeats and hardships, leading to the collapse of patriotism. But it was also due to the consequences of the Tsar going to the front.
What were the consequences of the Tsar going to the front that helped contribute to the unpopularity of the Russian royal family by 1916? He left Alexandra in charge, with the Duma (parliament) to advise her. Alexandra was already unpopular due to her German background, but she was also very much under the influence of Rasputin.
Who was Rasputin? A peasant from Siberia who claimed to be a holy man. In fact, he was a womaniser and was believed (wrongly) to have been having an affair with Alexandra.
Where did Rasputin's huge influence over Alexandra come from? His alleged power over Alexis' haemophilia. When Alexis suffered internal bleeding, Rasputin appeared to be able to stop it.
What did Rasputin have over Alexandra? Almost hypnotic powers.
What was Alexandra naturally desperate to do? Keep Rasputin at court.
What did Alexandra refuse to do? Listen to any criticism of Rasputin.
While Alexandra was under Rasputin's almost hypnotic powers, naturally desperate to keep him at court and refusing to listen to any criticism of him, what did he do? Meanwhile, Rasputin influenced the government by 'recommending' changes in ministers and getting his friends appointed to prominent positions.
What were the significance of leading nobles to the Russian royal family? They were related to them.
What did leading nobles (related to the royal family) think of Rasputin? They detested him.
As a result of the detest the leading nobles felt towards Rasputin, what did they do? In December 1916, a group of them, led by Prince Yusopov, killed him. But it was too late to save the monarchy. The government of the Russian Empire had reached crisis point.
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