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social 8 final

Social 8 Final

At the beginning of the Civil War the south had one advantage over the north - what was it? more acres for farming
Who was expected to win the war easily because they had more resources? north
What would be a primary source from the Civil War? diary, letter, map drawn by soldier
What is sectionalism, how did it make the north and south different? differences in cities, factories and agriculture - also different social and economic ideas
three branches of government are example that our government has what? separation of power and laws affected by all branches
Uncle Toms Cabin publication that had a direct effect on the attitudes of northerners towards slavery
Carpetbagger northerners who moved south for personal gain and make money
The constitutional amendments adopted during Reconstruction period dealt primarily with? expansion of rights of African Americans
What was the main reason for the rise of organized crime in 1920s? manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages became illegal
Poll taxes, literary tests and grandfather clauses were all created during the late 1800s to restrict the voting rights of who? African Americans
During the late 1800s and early 1900s prejudice against "new" immigration increased mainly because these immigrants did what? came from cultural backgrounds very different from many Americans
Similarity between Korean and Vietnam War effort during Cold War to contain spread of communism
Troops sent to Central High School in Little Rock to enforce what Supreme court decision? Brown vs. Board of Education
Received apology and money from federal government as result of internment Japanese Americans
Nuremburg trials significance held individuals accountable for actions during wartime
Panama Canal shortened sea route between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Jim Crow Laws, segregation "whites only" "no colored" "black restroom"
US as Industrial Nation headlines "Workers face hardships" "Labor reforms are developed" "Town and cities grow"
bad things created from industrialization child labor, pollution, dangerous working conditions
Reason Eastern and Southern European immigrants settled in east coast more factory jobs fro unskilled labor
Hoovervilles "shantytown" during Great Depression
use of Big Stick foreign policy support of Panamanian revolt
civil disobedience method used by Martin Luther King Jr to protest social justice
Spheres of Influence in China gain special trading interests for Western nations
unemployment 1938-1945 decreased due to people producing military supplies
home support of WWII paper drives, rationing food and gasoline
steps taken during Cold War Marshal Plan, Berlin Airlift, formation of NATO
free enterprise economic system private ownership of the means of production
JFK asked Americans to do what during his speech "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" volunteer to help US
reason Americans gave to protest involvement in Vietnam it was a civil war, US should not intervene
United Nations created to promote conditions that support world peace
WWII events "a date which will live in infamy" "remember Pearl Harbor"
shaped relation with Latin America Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt Corollary, Good Neighbor policy
China & Soviet Union allies of US during WWII, then enemies during Cold War
Treaty of Versailles punishments Germany accepts blame for war, pays for war, disarms/reduces military forces
quota system reduce number of immigrants
writings of muckrakers show need for social reform and exposed corruption
Wilson's 14 Points plan to prevent future wars
yellow journalism influenced public opinion
cause of stock market crash buying stocks on margin
New Deal program still existing today Social Security Administration
Created by: jmeager
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