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Tsardom to Communism

1.1 - Introduction

In early 1914, what can be said about the Russian Empire? It was vast and backward, and had been ruled by the Romanov tsars for 300 years. On the surface, nothing appeared to be changing.
In 1917, what happened in Russia? Two revolutions - the Tsar was forced to give up his throne and seven months later the revolutionary Bolshevik Party seized control.
What happened in Russia in the few years after 1917? The leader of the revolutionary Bolshevik Party, Lenin, tired hard to create a new society - the first communist country in the world.
What is the Tsar? The Russian version of Emperor.
Who was the ruler of the vast Russian Empire in 1914? Tsar Nicholas II
When did the Tsar make himself Commander-in-Chief of Russian armies? 1915
When did Rasputin die? 1916
When was the Tsar abdicated, and the Provisional Government took over? February/March 1917
When did the Bolsheviks under Lenin seize control? October/November 1917
When was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk? March 1918
When was the start of the Russian Civil War? 1918
When was the execution of the Romanov royal family? July 1918
When did the policy of War Communism start? 1918
When did the Russian Civil War end? 1921
When did the New Economic Policy start? March 1921
When was the declaration of the USSR? December 1922
When was Lenin seriously ill after a stroke? 1923
When was the death of Lenin? January 1924
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