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Study for NYS final

Extra practice for 6th grade New York State social studies final test!

What did China have that the FC, India, & Egypt have? How did they survive on it? They had a river-valley civilization, & they survived on the gifts the river brought.
What form of religion did China believe in at 1st? They believed that their ancestor's spirits spoke to them & guided them. This is how the Mandate of Heaven worked: When the government was declining, an ancestor told someone that they had the divine right of the kings to take over.
What are 4 of the ruling families that ruled Ancient China? The Shang, Qin, Zhou, & Han.
What is another name for the Paleolithic Era & why was it called that? The Old Stone Age because during this time, people started making tools out of stone.
What are some of the things that happened in the Neolithic Revolution? The Ice Age ended, the earth warmed up, new plants & smaller animals survived, & people's diets changed.
What do the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, & India have & why did they choose to live there? They settled near a river-valley civilization because they got: silt, natural protection, trade/transportation route, irrigation system/fresh water source, & thriving animals.
Which 2 rivers did the Fertile Crescent have& The Tigris & Euphrates rivers.
What extra gift did Egypt's major river have & why was that important? It gave papyrus reed plants which are used to make paper for writing & trading. It was only grown in Egypt.
What is Egypt's major river? The Nile.
What is India's major river? The Indus.
What is India considered & what geographical feature makes this so? A sub-continent of Asia because the Himalayas divide India from the rest of Asia.
What do all religions have? Place of worship.
Who started Hinduism & where? The Aryan invaders started it in India.
What do Hindus & Buddhists both believe in? Reincarnation.
Who started Buddhism & why? Siddhartha Guatama discovered suffering so he went to end it. One day, when meditating, he found the answer, & was nicknamed "the Buddha" or, "The Awakened One".
Who started Judaism & where? It originated in the Fertile Crescent when Abraham made a covenant with G-d.
What were both Judaism, Christianity, & Islam. Monotheistic religions.
Who started Christianity & why? A Jewish man named Jesus traveled around to remind Jews about the 10 Commandments. He wanted people to remember to live by the rules that G-d gave Moses all those years before.
Who started Islam & why? Muhámmad was visited by the Angel Gabriel. The angel told him that he was a prophet for Allah ( actually
How did Paleolithians(?) get their food They were hunter-gatherers.
What big change happened in the Neolithic revolution? People could settle in one place because they could domesticate plants & animals.
What 3 questions do all religions answer? 1. how did we get here? 2. How should we live our lives? 3. What happens after we die?
What are dharma rules? Specific rules for each level of the caste system.
How many hieroglyphs were there in hieroglyphics? Over 800!
What was Chinese legalism similar to? Hammurabi's harsh laws & strict punishments.
Created by: Mark has stacks.



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