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Grade 8 Final

Grade 8 SS Final

what was the missouri compromise of 1820 imaginary line that separated the free states above it, and slaved states below it. missouri=slave to balance states
kansas-nebraska act allowed citizens of states to decide whether or not they were to be pro or anti slavery by popular sovereignty
compromise of 1850 agreement over slavery that admitted california to the union as free, allowed popular sovereignty in utah and new mexico, banned slave in dc, and passed fugitive slave law.
john brown killed pro slavery people n his raid on harper's ferry
dred scott decision slaves were property and not citizens
what event made s. carolina secede from the union election of lincoln
emancipation proclamation lincoln made this law to free slaves
jefferson davis president of the confederacy who was pro slavery
general of the confederate army? union army? c: robert e. lee; u: ulysses s. grant
why was battle of gettsyburg turning point union won
lincoln's message in gettsyburg address they were all americans and there should be no war
why were casualties in civil war so high americans against americans, not much medication with lots of disease and injuries
where did confederates surrender to end civil war appomattox courthouse in virginia
what was the massachusetts 54th regiment all black regiment that led the attack on fort wagner where most of them died
who killed lincoln john wilkes booth
reconstruction rebuilding the south after the war, life in the south would be like the north, no more slavery but colored experience segregation
racism prejudice and discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior
what famous case established the separate but equal doctrine plessy v ferguson
jim crow laws laws enforcing racial segregation
how are the kkk and naacp opposite kkk= against civil rights for colored; naacp= support civil rights
rosa parks african american woman who stood up for her rights on a bus
montgomery bus boycott and was it a success african americans did not ride the bus and it was successful
little rock nine group of nine african americans who were prevented from entering the racially segregated- little rock high
what happened at the 16th st. baptist church kkk bombed church
medgar evers and how as justice served in 1993 african american civil rights activist who served in WWII, apart of NAACP, and worked to overturn segregation in University of Mississippi and got his third case in 1993
president started civil rights act and why he never signed JFK and assassinated
president signed civil rights act into law lyndon b. johnson
how did WWI start in europe assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand
events drew US into WWI Zimmerman’s Note and sinking of the Lusitania
primary battle strategy in WWI trench warfare
treaty ended WWI and which country was blamed treaty of Versailles and germany
league of nations and did it work alliance between countries admitted into it and it worked (but not for US because were not in it)
main event caused US to get involved in WWII pearl harbor
executive order 9066 signed by FDR which made certain areas military zones to evacuate Japanese who were considered threats
how did US get ready for war changed automobiles, factories began making weapons and tanks, more jobs, and got out of great depression
what battle was the turning point for allies in pacific battle of midway
what battle led to liberation of france d-day
what notable event occurred at the battle of iwo jima americans stormed beaches and japanese hid in 11 miles of tunnels to shoot at americans
what was the nazi plan to exterminate all jews living in europe holocaust
president after FDR died in 1945 and eventually gave order to drop two atomic bombs on japan Harry S. Truman
what action/event ended war in pacific iwo jima
Created by: jazzyylyy



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