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US hist Sem 2 Part 4

Final Exam Review

Adolf Hitler German dictator during WWII
Benito Mussolini Italian dictator during WWII
Dwight D. Eisenhower Allied leader in Europe in WWII
Douglas MacArthur Allied leader in the Pacific in WWII
Harry S. Truman U.S. President that dropped "A" bomb during WWII
Mao Zedong Communist leader in China
Nikita Krushchev Soviet leader that followed Stalin
Fidel Castro Communist leader in Cuba
Joseph McCarthy Wisconsin Senator that falsely accused many of Communism
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Accused of stealing bomb secrets for the Soviet Union and later executed
Rosa Parks Refused to give up her bus seat
Thurgood Marshall Lawyer for the NAACP
Malcolm X Black Muslim leader
Martin Luther King, Jr. Leader of the non-violent resistance movement
Earl Warren Supreme Court justice that ruled on the "Brown" case
Lee Harvey Oswald accused assassin of JFK
John Glenn 1st American to orbit the earth
Richard Nixon Ended our involvement in Vietnam; also involved in Watergate Scandal
Gerald Ford 1st President not to be elected president or vice president
Jimmy Carter President hailed for his foreign policy but criticized for his poor economic record
Created by: Freshmensphs