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History 3

Transplantations and Borderlands

A major conflict that defined Indian and white spheres of influence in Virginia, and demonstrate the instability of the free, landless men of the colony Bacon's Rebellion
James II. combined the government of Massachusetts with the government and rest of the New England colonies, and later, also included New York and New Jersey Dominion of New England
Father and son, the first and second Lord Baltimores, who were instrumental in the founding of Maryland George and Cecillus Calvert
A bloodless coup that brought William and Mary to power in England Glorious Revolution
Fifty-acre grants of land that new settlers could acquire in a variety of ways Headright
Man who raised a militia in 1689 and proclaimed himself the head of government in New York Jacob Leisler
Lead of the first colonial expedition to Georgia; had a great vision about how a colony should be organized and governed James Ogletrope
Famous world traveler and writer who arguably saved Jamestown from extinction John Smith
Elected by the new owners of Massachusetts Bay company as governor; went onto dominate colonial politics John Winthrop
The most prolonged and deadly encounter between white and Indians in the seventeenth century, began in 1675 King Philips war
A group of the Puritan merchants in England who organized a new colonial venture in America Massachusetts Bay Company
Documents with the Pilgrims signed to establish a government for themselves Mayflower compact
The name by which King Philips was known among his own people Metacomet
A place, so-called by historians, where disparate people encounter and shape one another Middle ground
Three acts that Charles II. adopted to regulate colonial commerce Navigation Acts
An Englishman who first cultivated tobacco in Virginia was John Rolfe
Captain John Smith helped Jamestown survive when he Imposed work and order on the colony
In 1619, another crucial element was introduced into the Virginia social order Africans
Which of the following colonies allowed freedom of religion to all Christians? Maryland
Regarding the Indians, Puritan settlers were LEAST likely to advocate a policy of tolerance and mutual respect
Why did Nathaniel Bacon lead a rebellion against Sir William Berkeley in Virginia in 1675? He represented Berkeley's growing power and control of the fur trade
What did Bacon's Rebellion reveal about the growth of the Virginia colony That serious social and geographical tension between colonists existed and threatened the colony's stability
Which colony founded by Roger Williams in 1644 was the only place in colonial North America that guaranteed freedom of worship regardless of religious faith? Rhode Island
Slavery in English colonies Main crop worked was tobacco, planters preferred European indentured servants up until the 1670s, and early slaves were treated much like indentured servants
Slavery in the Caribbean Main crop worked was sugarcane, African slaves eventually outnumbered whites, brutal working environment and harsh treatment
Slavery in England and Caribbean Employed indentured servants from England before turning to African slaves, native population was too small provide workforce
How did Africans respond to their enslavement and treatment by whites? By developing patterns of resistance and establishing elaborate cultures of their own
Who led the rebellion against the colonial government in New York after the overthrow of James II.? Jacob Leisler
What was the most significant outcome of the Glorious Revolution in the American colonies? It led to a series of violent revolutions and weakened the crown's authority
Seventeenth century English colonial settlements Was essentially business enterprises
The cultivation of tobacco around Jamestown resulted in all the following EXCEPT Improved relations with the local Indians
The Virginia Company developed the "headright system" to Attract new settlers to the colony
The Powhatan Indian named Pocahontas Created an interest in England in "civilizing" Indians
In which area of technology were Indians more advanced than the Virginia colonists? Agriculture
In its beginning, the Maryland colony Was a refuge for English Catholics
During its first year in North America, the Plymouth colony survived in large part due to assistance from Indians
The Massachusetts Bay Puritans Created a colonial "theocracy"
In 1638, Anne Hutchinson was deported from the Massachusetts colony because she Challenged the prevailing assumptions of the proper role of women in society
In King Philip's war, Indians made effective use a relatively new weapon, the Flintlock rifle
The New York colony Emerged after a struggle between the English and the Dutch
In the seventeenth century, English Quakers Had disregarded for class or gender distinctions, had no paid clergy, were pacifists, believe all could attain salvation.
Georgia was founded To create a military barrier against the Spanish.
In colonial North America, the "middle grounds" refers to a region which No one European or Indian group held a clear dominance
The Navigation Acts primarily benefited British business and merchants
Leisler's rebellion took place in New York
The tobacco culture in Virginia created great pressure for territorial expansion True
Both the Pequot war and King Philip's war ended disastrously for Indians True
Unlike the colonists of Jamestown, the Puritans in Massachusetts established settlements based on families True
The Pre-Columbian American people in the Pacific Northwest did what? Fished salmon as their principle occupation
The eastern 3rd of what is now the U.S. was inhibited by the? Woodland Indian
Indian Societies in N.America? Did not allow women to exercise any control over social economic matters
Which statement about Spanish settlements in the new world is false? The first settlers were mostly interested in farming
Which statement about the French colonization in the new world is false? The French, like the English, tried to remain separate from native people
One of the biggest problems during the first years of the Jamestown settlement was The unwillingness of colonists to grow food
The cultivation of tobacco around Jamestown resulted in all of the following except Improved relationships with the local Native Americans
The Plymouth colony's relationship with its Indian neighbors was An integral part of its survival during the formative years of the colony
During the seventeenth century, at least 3/4's of the immigrants who came to the Chesapeake colonies came as Indentured servants
In colonial New England Purital Communities, women Were expected to be major contributors to the family
What statement regarding slavery in English North America in 1700 is false? The demand for slaves led to a steady rise in the prices paid for them.
The first plantations in colonial North American emerged in the tobacco-growing areas of Virginia and Maryland
The Stone Rebellion of 1739 Saw slaves in South Carolina attempt to escape the colony
The Great Awakening was The first great religious revival in America
Each of the following was a reason for the colonists to enjoy their membership in the British Empire in the 1750's Except British subsidies for colonial industry
The British victory in the great war for the Empire Gave England control of most of the settled regions of North America
In an effort to keep peace between frontiersmen and Indians and provide for more orderly settlement of the west, the British government Forbade settlers from crossing the mountains that divided the Atlantic Coast from the interior
The Stamp Act of 1765 Required colonists to pay taxes on most printed documents
Boston Massacare Was transformed by some colonists into a symbol of British oppression
American complaints concerning lack of representation made little sense to the English, who pointed out the Each member of Parliament represented the interests of the whole empire rather than a particular individual or geographical area
The Declaration of Independence Borrowed heavily from previously published colonial documents
At the start of the revolution, American advantages over the British included a Great commitment to the war.
In the Battle of Bunker Hill, the British suffered heavy casualties
During the American Revolution, loyalists Constituted perhaps as many as 1/3 of the white colonial population
Under the articles of confederation, in 1977 there was a federal Congress
One effect of Shay's Rebellion was it Contributed to the growing belief the national government needed reform
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