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History 2

Unfinished Nation

England's first experience with colonization came in 1492
Seventeenth century English colonial settlements maintained The political and social institutions of England
The "starving time" in Jamestown during the winter of 1609-1610 Was partly the result of colonists being kept barricaded in their palisade by local Indians.
The origins of the majority of human existence in North America began From the southern tip of South America
In the Great Plains region, most pre-columbian societies Hunted buffalo for survival.
At the beginning of the seventeenth century, English Puritan discontent was increased by suppression of English catholics
Which statement about French colonization in the new world is FALSE? The French, like the English, tried to remain separate from native people.
Some historians have suggested that European diseases virtually exterminated many native tribes. True
Who was a native of Genoa sailing in the employ of England near the end of the fifteenth century? John Cabot
English colonies in the Chesapeake were first and foremost business enterprises True
Bacon's rebellion was undertaken to do away with slavery in Virginia. False
The "middle ground" refers in part to areas on the western edges of English colonial settlements True
Most indentured servants came to the colonies voluntarily True
In the early seventeenth century, the legal status of slaves was ambiguous and fluid. True
African slaves engaged in the cultivation of rice, but they were not very adept at it. False
The British Navigation Acts were designed to protect England from foreign competition in the colonies True
French Protestants who fled their country in 1685 because of new policy that rejected religious toleration Huguenots
Backyard pits where waste, both household and human, could be dumped Privies
To reduce conflicts, Spanish policy toward the Pueblo Indians in the eighteenth century involved all of the following EXCEPT An expansion of encomienda system
Over time in the seventeenth century, an increased number of New England Puritans came to view Indian society With fear and contempt
Industrialization in colonial America was hampered by English parliamentary regulations, a small domestic market, an inadequate labor supply, and inadequate transportation network
Seventeenth-century southern plantations Tended to be rough and relatively small
In London, the initial promoters of Jamestown encouraged colonists to focus on The search for gold.
The Declaratory Act of 1766 Was a sweeping assertion of Parliament's authority over the colonies.
By the 1750s, American colonial assemblies Exercised a significant degree of authority to levy taxes.
By 1670, political representation for colonists in Virginia Had grown more restrictive
The seventeenth-century tobacco economy of the Chesapeake region Went through numerous boom-and-bust cycles.
An encomienda was The right to exact tribe and labor from natives.
Which of the following statements regarding Sir William Berkeley is FALSE? He extended the political representation for frontier settlers.
One reason Roger Williams was deported from the Massachusetts colony was he Said the land occupied by the colonists belonged to the Indians.
The Virginia Company developed the "headright" system to Attract new settlers to the colony.
In the mid-1600s, New England Puritan ministers began preaching against the decline of Piety
"Jeremiads" refer to Sermons
During the seventeenth century, English colonists in the Chesapeake saw A life expectancy for men of about forty years.
During the first half of the eighteenth century, royal officials in America Contributed to England's overall lax control of the colonies
In the seventeenth century, English Quakers Had a disregard for class or gender distinctions, had no paid clergy, were pacifists, believed all could attain salvation.
Under the English constitution during the eighteenth century Large areas of England had no direct political representation.
The agricultural practices of pre-Columbian tribes in the Northeast were characterized by A rapid exploitation of the land
In the eighteenth century, the English constitution was An unwritten document
During the first stage (1754–1756) of the French and Indian War, The Iroquois were allied with the English but remained largely passive.
Like New York, the New Jersey colony Had great ethnic and religious diversity
The English Restoration began with the reign of Charles II.
William Penn Was a man of great wealth who converted to Quakerism
According to the terms of the Peace of Paris of 1763 France ceded all of its claims to land west of the Mississippi River to Spain.
In the eighteenth century, religious toleration in the American colonies All the answers are correct.
The French and Indian War was fought in India, the West Indies, the North American interior, Europe
Class divisions in colonial North American cities were More real and visible than in rural places outside the south
In 1513, what European became the first to see the Pacific Ocean? Vasco de Balboa
As a result of the Seven Years' War, in North America, England Confirmed its commercial supremacy and increased its political control of the settled regions.
The seventeenth-century medical practice of deliberately bleeding a person was based on the belief that a person needed to maintain a balance of different bodily fluids.
Which statement about Spanish settlements in the New World is FALSE? The first Spanish settlers were mostly interested in farming.
In the aftermath of King George's War Relations between the English, French, and Iroquois deteriorated.
All of the following were characteristics of the English indenture system EXCEPT Most indentured servants received land upon completion of their contracts.
Charismatic person who antagonized the leaders of Massachusetts Bay Colony by arguing that the clergy who were not among the "elect" had no right to spiritual office Anne Hutchinson
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