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Ch 7 Lesson 3 Vocab

massacre the killing of many people
correspondence written communication
quarter to give people food and shelter
delegate someone chosen to speak and act for others
Crispus Attucks former slave and was killed during the Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre a fight between the colonists and British soldiers, that caused five colonists to be killed
Paul Revere a Son of Liberty who created a picture of the Boston Massacre to convince colonists that the Bristish soldiers were dangerous
John Adams a Boston lawyer who defended the Bristish soldiers, when they were put on trial for killing five colonists
Committees of Correspondence a written communication to share news with other colonists
The Boston Tea Party members of the Sons of Liberty, dressed as Indians, boarded the ships in Boston and threw the tea into the harbor
Tea Act tax on tea passed by Parliament
The Coercive Acts laws to punish the colonists in Massachusetts, also known by the colonists as the Intolerable Acts
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