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U.S History


1896 court case: "Separate, but equal" Plessy V Ferguson
President who developed the Square Deal Teddy Roosevelt
First Constitution of America; weak federal government Articles of Confederation
Developed the bicameral legislature Great Compromise
Added to the Constitution so the Anti- Federalists would ratify it Bill of Rights
Power for each branch of the federal Government to limit the power of the other two Checks and Balances
Court Case: States Vs. Federal Government; issue over abortion Roe V Wade
believed in a strong central or federal government Federalist
means to pass or approve ratify
branch of the government where laws are made legislative
Plan where states thought representation in the government should be based on population Virginia Plan
The first representative body of government in the colonies; located in Virginia House of Burgess
document created in 1776 that officially broke ties with England; written by Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence
not taking sides; Washington advocated for it neutrality
Created the First National Bank to help the economy recover Alexander Hamilton
a tax on imported goods tariff
Line that separated the 13 colonies from the territory in the west after the french and Indian War Proclamation Line of 1763
Anti federalists wanted a strong what type of government state
President responsible for bringing the country out of the Great Depression with his new Deal program Franklin Roosevelt
The three R's of the New Deal Program Relief, Recovery, and Reform
Idea that everybody gets an equal chance to succeed Square Deal
President responsible for The Great Society Lyndon Johnson
Court Case: judicial review Marbury V Madison
Told European Powers to stay out of the western hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
policy of taking over a country for natural resources imperialism
pride in one's country nationalism
stopping the spread of communism containment
NATO stand for North Atlantic Treaty Organization
movement against slavery abolition
Founded an abolitionist paper (North Star), an escaped slave Fredrick Douglas
abolitionist leader of the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
Best Hockey Team Ever Boston Bruins
the first women's rights convention was held here Seneca Falls
Publisher of the Liberator; an abolitionist movement leader William Lloyd Garrison
ban the sale and consumption of alcohol prohibition
amendment that gave Congress the Power the tax income 16th Amendment
Amendment that passed Woman suffrage 19th Amendment
Court case that ended segregation in all public schools Brown V Board
Founded Hull House to help poor folks during the progressive Era Jane Addams
Act that ended all public segregation Civil Rights Act of 1964
tax aimed at the African American population to prevent them from voting poll tax
Act that ended poll taxes, literacy tests, etc Civil Rights Act of 1965
Thomas Paine wrote this pamphlet to encourage colonists to declare independence from Great Britain Common Sense
an abolitionist novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe Uncle Tom's Cabin
Period of time during the early 20th century where corruption in politics and big business were tackled Progressive Era
someone who exposes social or political corruption in the early 20th century muckraker
Wrote The Jungle; exposed bad business practices in a Chicago meat packing plant Upton Sinclair
a period of time in the 1920's where there was a revival of African American literature, music, and art The Harlem Renaissance
Removed Native Americans from the south in 1930 Indian Removal Act
This act helped settle the west by giving away 160 acres of free land The Homestead Act
Organization to help combat racial segregation in the South after the Civil War; provided African Americans with jobs and housing Freedman's Bueru
Chinese workers immigrated to help build this Transcontinental Railroad
In 1882 excluded Chinese Immigration Chinese Exclusion Act
Divided Native American land and sold it to settlers Dawes Act
President responsible for the Indian Removal Act; hated banks, renowned Native American stabber Andrew Jackson
Great band who become popular in the early 90's with songs such as When I come around Green Day
Amendment that provides rights such as freedom of speech and press First Amendment
Lincoln passed this law in 1863 that freed all slaves south of Mason Dixon Line Emancipation Proclamation
Set up system of assistance to elderly; part of New Deal program Social Security Act
Theodore Roosevelt ran as a third party candidate for this political party during 1912 Progressive Party
Act that guaranteed labor rights and the right to organize in 1935 Wagner Act
capture of American soldiers/sailors and forced to work on British Ships impressment
idea that Americans have the Divine right to expand westward Manifest Destiny
President who championed manifest destiny James Polk
President who ordered the dropping of the Atomic Bombs on Japan Harry Truman
War to battle communism that created a DMZ Korean War
Unpopular war to stop the spread of Communism Vietnam War
economic system of imperialism. The colonies only exist to help the mother country Mercantilism
Terrible hockey team, Mr Carpenters favorite team Red Wings
Treaty that ended the Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris
President who Purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for 15 million Thomas Jefferson
plan that called for a representation to be equal New Jersey Plan
A system that calls young men to serve in a war draft
The period of time immediately following the Civil War; meant to rebuild the South; was a disaster Reconstruction
First true test of federal Government's power that showed the weakness of the Articles of Confederation, a rebellion of farmers Shays Rebellion
This war provided the Unites States with land such as Texas and California The Mexican American War
Forcing the North to turn over all runaway slaves back to the South Fugitive Slave Act
Granted Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state to restore balance between the two sides The Missouri Compromise of 1820
Responsible for the creation of the Missouri Compromises; from the west, nicknamed the Great Compromiser Henry Clay
Court case 1857: slaves are property and do not have rights; cause of Civil War Dred Scott V Sanford
Abolitionist whoLed a raid on Harpers Ferry; cause of Civil War John Brown
letting the people determine the law based on a vote popular sovereignty
The first war where the media played a major influence in shaping public opinion Vietnam War
outlaws slavery 13th Amendment
The United States rival during the Cold War Soviet Union
Muckraker who wrote How the Other Half Lives Jacob Riis
Big Businesses that dominate a particular industry monopoly
A set of laws created to ensure the segregation and discrimination in the South after the Civil War Jim Crow Laws
massive dust storm during the great depression that forced thousands of people to lose their farms Dust Bowl
Gave all citizens that right to vote 15th Amendment
Cause of the Civil War. Made California A free state, enacted the Fugitive slave Act, popular sovereignty to determine if a territory would become free or slave, ban the slave trade in D.C The Missouri Compromise of 1850
Great band who became popular in the early 1990s with hits such as All the Small things Blink 182
Hands of government; practiced by Hoover during Great Depression Laissez faire
No bad monopolies allowed Sherman Anti Trust Act
A student protest turned violent during the Vietnam War; 5 unarmed students killed Kent State
president during the Cuban Missile Crisis John Kennedy
Nicknamed the Trustbuster Theodore Roosevelt
belief that all immigrants are bad; often immigrants themselves nativism
Best Baseball team red Sox
President associated with the Watergate Scandal Richard Nixon
Ben Franklin's Plan to keep the Union united against British oppression or be destroyed one colony at a time. Albany Plan of Union
Clause in the constitution that allows for change...think about a rubber band Elastic Clause
This counted each slave a 3/5 of a person to determine representation for states Three Fifths Compromise
Outlawed slavery in the Northwest territories Northwest Ordinance
He helped establish the idea of Freedom of the press John Peter Zenger
The purchase of the Louisiana Territory gained control of these two things Mississippi River, Port of New Orleans
Our country acquired this territory during the Mexican- American War Texas
Raids that were focused on weeding out communists during the 1920's Palmer Raids
These shanty towns developed during the Great Depression and were named after a President Hoovervilles
Court Case: Argued that during times of war groups such as Japanese Americans had limited rights Koramatsu V United States
The Cold War was fought over which major idea Communism
Connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes to the Midwest, made trade much easier Erie Canal
Wrote the Federalist Papers James Madison
Going to see this epic band in concert during the summer of 2017 Green Day
Initiative, Reform ,and Referendum were created during the Progressive Era to Make the government more democratic, give people more voting power
FDR was accused of doing this to the Supreme Court to pass New Deal legislation Court Packing
Two Italian immigrants put on trial due to extreme nativism in the 1920's Sacco and Venzetti
This gave education and financial assistance to veterans after World War 2 GI Bill
Dwight Eisenhower used Federal Troops here to ensure the school would be de segregated Little Rock, Arkansas
George H.W Bush sent troops to Saudi Arabia and was involved in the Persian Gulf War for this natural resource Oil
Gained western territory from Mexico in the 1840;s during this conflict Mexican American War
Court Case: Cannot shout fire in a crowded theater Schneck V. United States
18th Amendment started this and the 21st ended it Prohibition
The SEC and Federal Reserve System Break up business monopolies, and regulate business
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