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SS 1

NCFE review list

Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, President Lincoln used the executive order to free all of the slaves in the Confederacy. This is called the
The Union during the Civil War, this side had advantages to fighting in that they had more soldiers, better industry, more telegraph, and railroad lines
Ku Klux Klan this terrorist organization formed in the South as a way to threaten ex-slaves and chase away northern support
Sharecropping former slaves worked as tenant farmers on the land of the ex-masters after the Civil War. This oppressive economic model is called
Abolitionist people who wanted to ban slavery in the US (Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, etc...) were called
Secede this means to leave or separate from the Union
Radical Republicans this legislative group wanted to drastically change the south after the Civil War
Poll taxes and Literacy tests these were 2 methods used by southern politicians to prevent African-Americans from voting
Plessy v. Ferguson this 1896 Supreme Court case legalized segregation
Jim Crow Laws this is the term that refers to the laws of segregation in the south
Quota this term refers to the limited number set on the amount of immigrants who were allowed to come to the US after the 1920's
Right to Vote the term suffrage means
New Immigrants the 25 million immigrants who came from southern and eastern Europe between 1885 and 1914 are referred to as the
urbanization because of the rise of factories in cities during the late 1800's, populations in US cities rose. this is called
transcontinental Railroad after 1869, trade across the United States greatly improved because the Union and Central Pacific Companies built the ...
yellow journalism prior to the Spanish-American War, journalists fabricated stories that enraged Americans to want war with Spain. This journalism is called
Homestead Act this congressional act enticed settlers to the Frontier by offering free land to farmers willing to meet certain qualifications
Progressive political movement of early 1900's in which leaders tried to end corruption, increase voting rights, and protect consumers / workers rights
Franz Ferdinand his assassination in Sarajevo sparked the start of WWI
intervention when US military forces go into foreign areas to settle problems in those areas, it is referred to as
German Submarine in 1915, 128 Americans died on the Lusitania in the Atlantic Ocean. It sunk due to a
14 point peace plan Woodrow Wilson's plan to rebuild Europe after WWI is known as the
Treaty of Versailles this is the actual treaty that settled WWI. It punished Germany harshly
Jazz this type of music became very popular during the Roaring 20's. It was made popular by Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong
Margin Buying this method of buying stock on credit led to the crash of the stock market on Black Tuesday in 1929, thus beginning the Great Depression
Langston Hughes this writer / poet (A Dream Deferred) was considered a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance
New Deal this refers to FDR's plan to fight the Great Depression. He created many agencies and programs to stimulate the economy.
Social Security this New Deal program provides pension payments for the disabled, elderly, and retirees
World War II this international event led to the US mass producing weapons and supplies thus ending the Great Depression
Weapons Factories millions of women during WWII helped our military when they took employment in
Eisenhower this US General directed the largest amphibious assault in military history: D-Day
Victory gardens during WWII, to help prevent food shortages at home, citizens grew their own food in what was called...
Nuremberg Trials after WWII, Nazi officers were put on trial for their War Crimes. these trials were known as the
Pearl Harbor the US declared war on Japan after the attack on
Manhattan Project this top secret project during WWII resulted in the creation of Atomic Weapons
Domino Effect this term refers to the idea that if a nation falls to communism, it neighboring nation will as well
Marshall Plan this was an effort by the US to give $12 billion in aid to European nations to rebuild after WWII and hopefully resist communism
Truman Doctrine this Cold War Foreign Policy was a promise that the US would do all we could to help smaller nations repel foreign invasion
Korean War this war broke out in 1950 when communist forces of the North invaded our allies in the southern portion of the nation
Cuban Missile Crisis the USSR began building missile bases in Cuba and JFK blockaded Cuba. many feel that this was the closest the 2 powers came to war
Doves Vietnam War protesters and people who opposed the war were called this term (a reference to a type of bird)
Berlin Airlift this Cold War event was the effort of US and allies to supply West Berlin due to a blockade by Soviet forces
civil disobedience this term refers to civil rights protesters who broke unjust laws as a form of protest
Brown v. Board of education this court case of 1954 ended the policy of school segregation in the south
Boycott the Montgomery bus company ended it's bus segregation policy in 1958 largely due to this type of protest led by Martin Luther King Jr.
Vietcong these were the guerilla fighters in Vietnam that had a superior knowledge of the land than the US soldiers
Watergate Scandal President Nixon resigned from the presidency due to this scandal
Lyndon Johnson this president sent large #'s of combat troops to Vietnam to aid the government of the South
Oil the 1991 Persian Gulf war revolved largely around the desire for different groups to control the supply of this resource
Tinker v. DesMoines this supreme court case in 1969 ruled that students do have the right of free expression while on school grounds
Slavery the 13th amendment which was passed after the Civil War, outlawed the practice of ...
14th amenment this amendment that was passed after the Civil War, guarantees the right to citizenship to all Americans
Right to vote the 15th amendment to the constitution gave black men this right
Carpetbagger this term referred to Northerners who moved to the south after the Civil War for personal gain (political jobs)
Scalawag this derogatory term referred to the southerners who went along with the Radical Plan of Reconstruction
separate by race the term SEGREGATE means to ...
Lincoln to Reconstruct our nation after the Civil War, he proposed a plan that would not punish southerners harshly
Manifest Destiny this term refers to the desire of Americans in mid 1800's to expand control of the continent
Custer's Last Stand this attack by Sioux warriors on the US cavalry in 1876 started the Indian Wars
Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890, over 200 Sioux were massacred by the state militia in the Dakotas. This is known as the
Mexico, China, and Ireland many of the transcontinental Railroad were immigrants from these 3 countries
Sod because pioneer farmers faced lumber shortages, many were forced to construct homes out of ...
Railroad Middlemen pioneer farmers relied upon trains to ship their goods cross country, sadly these men took advantage of the farmers because of the shipping monopoly's power
Capitalism this term represents the US economic system which is based on private ownership of property and businesses
Mass Henry Ford used the assembly line to help "___________ produce" the Model T
Ellis Island island in NY Harbor which served as the main processing center for the New Immigrants of the late 1800's
Religious Irish Immigrants were often persecuted because of their _______________beliefs
Robber Baron this term refers to a big business owner of the late 1800's who was ruthless towards his workers and competition
labor union this organization of workers formed as a way to negotiate with business owners who mistreated their employees
Sam Gompers he formed the AFL which was the most successful labor union of the late 1800's
monopoly is a business that has complete control over an entire industry
Andrew Carnegie he had a powerful Steel Monopoly during the Industrial Revolution
John Rockefeller he had a powerful Oil monopoly during the Industrial Revolution
Tariff a tax on imported goods. this was done to protect businesses from foreign competitors
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire this 1911 disaster in NYC highlighted the terrible conditions in which young female immigrant workers endured.
Muckraker this term refers to Progressive Era Journalists who wrote articles that exposed corruption, poverty, and other abuses
Ida Tarbell she wrote a muckraking account of the crooked business practices of Rockefeller
Upton Sinclair his muckraking account of the meat packing plant led to the passage of the Meat-Inspection Act
Square Deal this was Teddy Roosevelt's economic policy of fairness for consumers and workers
Trustbuster Teddy Roosevelt's nickname due to his ability to break up monopolies during his presidency
Conservation Teddy Roosevelt's policy of protecting natural resources and creating National Parks
Jacob Riis his pictures that he presented in his book "How the Other Half Lives" portrayed the horrors of tenement life
Jane Addams she opened Hull House which was a settlement house in Chicago which was there to help the impoverished
Sweatshop this term refers to a factory with terrible and unsafe conditions
Intervention the foreign policy of____________ had the US send the military into foreign regions to help them settle local problems there
Isolation the foreign policy of ____________was based on George Washington's idea to remain out of the affairs of foreign powers
Imperialism the period after the Civil War in which the US began acquiring territories overseas is called
Big Stick Policy Teddy Roosevelt's foreign policy in which the US would get involved in problems overseas is called
Neutrality the US at the start of both WWI and WWII the US did not get involved militarily. This policy is called
USS MAine this destruction of this US ship in Havana Harbor pulled us into the Spanish-American War in 1898
Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippines as a result of the Spanish-American war, the US acquired these 3 overseas colonies
Rough Riders Teddy Roosevelt led a regiment of old cowboy friends and college buddies in Cuba called the
Panama Canal Teddy Roosevelt believed that building the __________ in Central America would help the US improve international trade
Alliances many nations were pulled into WWI because they were part of secret ______________
Militarism the massive buildup of national armies and weapons development prior to WWI is called
Reparations Germany was forced to pay France and Britain billions of dollars after losing WWI. these payments were called
League of Nations After WWI, world powers created this organization in order to prevent future wars. The US and USSR did not join it.
Flapper young women during the 1920's who flouted traditional roles of women, often irritating the older generation
Conservativism this political group opposed Progresses in that they wanted less government interference in business and private life
Return to Normalcy this campaign slogan by Warren Harding reflected the idea of rejecting foreign relations after WWI and rejecting Progressive reforms
Silver Screen the rise of popular movies during the 1920's led to creation of this nickname for the theaters
Prohibition the 19th amendment led to the______________of alcohol
Hooverville during the Depression, these shanty towns filled with homeless sprung up on the outskirts of cities
Fireside Chat FDR used the radio to outline his policies and gain support. This was called
FDIC this New Deal agency insures one's money in the bank
Public Works FDR's New Deal invested great deals of money in the building of bridges, roads, tunnels, etc... these are called
Deficit FDR spent more money than the US gov't took in as taxes. this is called____________spending
Dust Bowl the terrible dust storms in the midwest during the 1930's is referred to as the
The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck's novel which dramatized the plight of the Okies and those impacted by the Dust Bowl
FDR and Truman these two men served as presidents during WWII
Appeasement rather than putting a stop to Hitler's prewar aggression, British and French leaders followed the policy of
Genocide this term was created after the Holocaust. It is defined as the mass murder of entire ethnic or religious groups
Blitzkreig this term describes the Nazi all out war strategy using all branches of military in an invasion
Lend Lease Act in 1941 this US law allowed companies to send war supplies to allied powers even though we were still militarily neutral
Ration Coupons during WWII, consumers needed to present these to retailers in order to purchase certain key foods and fuel sources
Axis Japan, Italy, and Germany made up the________powers during WWII
Korematsu vs. United States this supreme court case supported FDR's decision to put Japanese-Americans into internment camps on the basis of national security
Weapons Production during WWII, US industry led the world in
Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Manhattan project led to the US creating 2 atomic bombs which were dropped on the cities of
Berlin Wall in 1961, communist forces built this to separate the city of Berlin from the Democratic West
Bay of Pigs invasion this failed attempt by Cuban Exiles to retake Cuba from Castro was an embarrassment to the US because we planned it
Joe McCarthy This senator bullied public officials, journalists, and other prominent people to expose their relationship with communists
Red Scare during the cold war, Americans feared that communists were infiltrating our government and military. this was called the
Gulf of Tonkin resolution this gave President Lyndon Johnson to send combat troops to Vietnam to intervene in their Civil war
Kent State in 1970, the protest at this Ohio college campus led to the shooting death of 4 students at the hands of the national guard
Soviet Union Pressure by President Reagan, overspending on military, a failed invasion of Afghanistan, and food shortages led to the fall of the
NASA this US space Agency helped achieve landing men on the moon in 1969
NAACP this group fights for the legal rights of African Americans in the US
Selma march this march for voting rights in Alabama led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act
March on Washington Martin Luther King Jr. famously addressed the nation with his "I have a dream speech" here in 1963
Black Panthers during the Civil rights era, this African-American group was very militant and violent in their methods
Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat on the bus. Dr. King used her arrest to lead this major event in Montgomery, AL
Freedom Riders in 1961, these young people rode Greyhound buses in the south to challenge segregation policies at bus stations
Miranda vs. Arizona this supreme court ruling mandated that police officers read the rights of the accused to those they arrest
Integration Jackie Robinson's entry into MLB led to the full ____________ of races in baseball
Thurgood Marshall NAACP lawyer who's success in the Brown case in 1954, helped him become the first African American Supreme court Justice
Patriot Act this law was passed after 9-11-01 gave the Federal Gov't broad powers to secretly investigate citizens without warrants
Persian Gulf War in 1991, Iraq invaded Kuwait. The US sent in troops to fight back Saddam Hussein's invading force. This was was called
ISIS This Sunni led terrorist group is attempting to create their own country in parts of Syria and Iraq
1876 and 2000 these are 2 times in history in which presidential elections were too close to call initially and led to federal officers to intervene
Edward Snowden this man exposed secret document that the NSA was spying on people both inside and outside the US. He currently lives in Russia
Deficit Americans buy more from Mexico and China than they buy from American companies. this is called a "trade ___________"
Trade The Transcontinental Railroad helped increase interstate commerce. Another word for commerce is _____________________
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution this gave president Johnson the authority to increase US military involvement in Vietnam
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