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Team 4 CHS 2

Final Exam Review 2

When you have to pay to vote it is called a poll tax
Literacy tests were used to prevent __________________ from voting. African Americans (freedmen)
Former slaves were called freedmen
How many Civil War Amendments were there? 3
Which amendments were the Civil War Amendments? 13th - 14th - 15th
What was the goal of the Civil War Amendments? 13th: Free - 14th: Citizens 15th: Vote
What was the goal of abolitionists? abolish (end) slavery
She was a famous "conductor" of the underground railroad. Harriet Tubman
The name of the secret route used to help slaves escape was called the underground railroad
The birthplace of the women's movement was Seneca Falls
What scientist looks for artifacts? archeologists
Rural means country
Urban means city
A way of life is called culture
The Native Americans on the Great Plains lived in Tipis
The Iroquois lived in Longhouses
If your Father or Grandfather voted, then you did not have to pay or pass a test to vote. This was called the Grandfather Clause
He was a famous "conductor" of the underground railroad. Frederick Douglas
She fought for women's rights. Susan B. Anthony
Created by: CHS2