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Team 4 CHS 6

Final Exam Review 6

What event starts WWII? Germany invades Poland
When WWII began America was? neutral
What event caused America to enter WWII? Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
What did the American government do to Japanese-Americans? placed them in prisons
What was the date of Pearl Harbor? December 7, 1941
The symbol for working women during WWII was Rosie the Riveter
Growing your own food so you buy less food in order to help with the war effort was called victory gardens
Loaning money to the government to help pay for the war was called victory bonds
Hitler's policy of killing Jewish people was called the Holocaust
The trials held to punish the Nazis for their war crimes were called the Nuremberg trials
This organization was created to keep world peace after WWII. United Nations
The Cold War was between what two superpowers? US v. SU
America's goal during the Cold War was to stop the spread of communism
The name of the American policy to stop the spread of communism was called Containment Policy
The goal of the Truman Doctrine was to stop the spread of communism
America fought the Korean war to stop the spread of communism
Which nation won the Korean War? no one
The U.S. helped which Korea in the Korean War? South Korea
The symbol of division in Europe was the Berlin Wall
The U.S. fought the Vietnam War to stop the spread of communism
Which nation won the Vietnam War? North Vietnam. America lost.
Use small amounts of an item to avoid a shortage is called ration
The goal of the Marshall Plan was to stop the spread of communism
Which nations were helped by the Truman Doctrine? Greece and Turkey
Which area was helped by the Marshall Plan? Western Europe
This nation had missiles pointed at the U.S. Cuba
This invasion tried to overthrow Fidel Castro. Bay of Pigs Invasion
Created by: CHS2