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Team 4 CHS 5

Final Exam Review 5

What are the four M.A.I.N. causes of WWI? Militarism - Imperialism - Alliance System - Nationalism
What event started WWI? The assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand
What style of fighting defined WWI? trench warfare
What weapon did Germany use to control the seas? submarine
The name of President Wilson's peace plans. 14 Points
This treaty ended WWI Treaty of Versailles
This organization was created after WWI to keep world peace. League of Nations
The time period after WWI was called The Roaring 20's
This was a rebirth in African American culture Harlem Renaissance
The time period when alcohol was illegal. Prohibition
Which amendment banned alcohol? 18th
Which amendment ended alcohol being illegal? 21st
What were the causes of the Great Depression? Stock market crash - Overproduction - Bank failures
Which president was blamed for the Great Depression? Hoover
Who was the second president to serve during the Great Depression? FDR
The name of the programs to end the Great Depression were called New Deal
What were the classifications of the New Deal Relief - Recovery - Reform
What were New Deal programs called which helped people? Relief
What were New Deal programs called which helped the economy? Recovery
What were New Deal programs called which helped prevent another Great Depression? Reform
This New Deal program paid farmers to not grow. Agricultural Adjustment Act
This New Deal program paid people a pension. Social Security Act
This New Deal program insured savings accounts in banks. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
This New Deal program employed people to protect our natural resources. Civilian Conservation Corps
This ended the Great Depression WWII
Building up weapons of war is called militarism
Taking over other territories is called imperialism
Signing a treaty promising protection to another country if attacked is an alliance system
Intense pride in your country is called nationalism
The name of the British passenger ship sunk by a German u-boat Lusitania
A smuggler of alcohol is called a bootlegger
An illegal bar is called a speakeasy
The 21st Amendment repealed which amendment? 18th
Hoovervilles are slums
Hoover blankets are newspapers
Hoover leather is cardboard
If an item is overproduced what happens to the price of that item? decreases
When the Stock Market crashed what happened to price of stocks? decreased
When one business closed, increasing unemployment, this would lead to other business closing. This is called the Domino Effect
Created by: CHS2