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Team 4 CHS 4

Final Exam Review 4

Factories are located mostly in the cities
There are more jobs located in the cities
People moved to the cities looking for jobs
Immigrants come to America for two reasons. jobs and freedom
Producing large quantities faster and cheaper mass production
What happens to price of an item which is mass produced? becomes cheaper
How did Henry Ford produce cars? assembly line
When a business owns 95% or more of a business in the same industry it is called a monopoly
This made monopolies illegal. Sherman-Antitrust Act
True or false, accidents lead to new safety laws. true
This is used to limit the number of immigrants coming to America. quota
Immigrants on the east coast first landed at Ellis Island
Immigrants had to pass this before being allowed to enter America. a physical/health exam
This is the symbol of freedom in America The Statue of Liberty
Taking control of other lands/territories is called imperialism
The policy in which America tells Europe to stay out of Latin America. Monroe Doctrine
The policy in which America tries to improve its relationship with Latin America. Good Neighbor Policy
The policy in which America ensures that it will be able to trade with China. Open Door Policy
List two reasons why immigrants were dislike. They were different and they took jobs.
Why would an immigrant get hired over an American worker? The immigrant would work for less money.
Why were children hired as workers? They would work for less money.
The name of the policy in which U.S. tells Europe that the U.S. can intervene in Latin America. Roosevelt Corollary
Created by: CHS2
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