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Team 4 CHS 3

Final Exam Review 3

In the 1800's people went west looking for? gold
The belief that it is your right to do something (expand west) is called manifest destiny
This connected New York City to the Great Lakes Erie Canal
This railroad connected the east coast to the west coast transcontinental railroad
reporters who expose corruption are called muckrakers
This reporter wrote The Jungle Upton Sinclair
The Jungle was about meatpacking conditions
This reporter exposed problems with the slums Jacob Riis
The title of the book about city slums is How the Other Half Lives
Getting a job because of what you know is called merit system
Getting a job because of who you know is called spoils system
A business is called a _______ if it owns 95% or more of the business in the same industry. monopoly
Muckraker Thomas Nast was a political cartoonist
Muckraker Ida Tarbell wrote about which company? Standard Oil Trust
The name of the Native Americans which lived in the Northeast Iroquois
What did Native Americans from the Northeast live in? longhouses
What did Native Americans from the Great Plains live in? teepees
What did the Homestead Act provide? 160 acres of land
Created by: CHS2