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Common Assessment

The father of the Constitution James Madison
The reason why President has that power to issue executive orders carry out laws of U.S.
The reason why some argue that the representation of the states in the Senate is "undemocratic" all states get 2 votes, big or small
The number of representatives in the House of Representatives and/or the number of Senators in the U.S. Senate 435/100
What happens to the House of Representatives after each national census? Reappointment of seats based on pop of state
The terms of office of Senators and Congressmen and term limits? 6, 2. No limits
Who are constituents? People you represent when elected
What is an electorate? all the people qualified to vote in a certain election
What determines the number of members in the House of Representatives and in the US Senate? How many states. Congress decides
Why is the term of office longer for a Senator than it is for a Congressman? More intelligent branch
Why is the oversight function of Congressional Committees? Make sure federal agencies doing right thing
What does it mean when a lawmaker is voting "partisan?" Voting in own party's best interest
Why is the US judicial system a "dual court" system? Have federal and state courts
What does the terms suffrage or franchise refer to? right to vote
What were the stages of extending the franchise or suffrage in the US? 15th and 19th amendment lowered voting age
What are the two types of opinions that are usually written for each US Supreme Court decision? majority and dissenting
When the United States Constitution went into effect in 1787, who was eligible to vote? White men with property
What were common voting restrictions in 1800? White, own land, women African Americans
What is the significance of the 15th and 19th amendments to the Constitution? Black men and women vote
What are the three universal voting requirements in the U.S. today? age, citizenship, residence
What were poll taxes and how were they used to discriminate in the past? taxes you pay to vote
What are some of the reasons why people are currently denied the right to vote? Felons, illegals
What does it mean when lists of registered voters are purged? Remove dead names and people who no longer live there
Why are various groups and individuals opposed to laws requiring voter identification? discourages people from voting
What is literacy and how were literacy tests used to discriminate in the past? Made people take them when they know they can't pass
What are the ways that we study voter behavior? polls, surveys, political socialization
What is voter socialization? How people get their opinions
Who are one's peers? People one associates with regularly
What is mass media? Media that reaches large numbers of people
What are the methods used for studying public opinion? Conduct polls, mass media, interest groups
What is the difference between a sample and a universe with regards to polling? Sample is part of the universe. Universe is everyone, representative
What is the difference between a straw and a scientific poll? Straw - ask a question. Scientific - representative
What is meant by the term "isolationism" as it relates to US foreign policy? disinvolvement in other countries' affairs. Used to be ours before WW1
What is the Selective Service System? Men have to register for draft
What is the job description of the United States Secretary of State? Carry out foreign policy. In charge of employees of state department.
What is the difference between a regressive and a progressive tax? Re - Same tax. Pro - More money, more tax
What is an excise tax? Tax on a specific item
What is a tax placed on items brought into the United States from abroad? Customs tax
Under the Constitution, who has the power to tax? Congress
What are a budget surplus and a budget deficit? Surplus - have more $ than spending. Deficit - spend too much
Marbury v Madison judicial review
Plessy v Ferguson legalized segregation
Dred Scott v Sandford slave fighting for freedom
Roe v Wade legalized abortion - privacy
Brown v Board of Education no more segregation
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