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WC dates

476 Fall of the western roman empire
1453 Fall of constantinople
1492 Columbus
1607 Jamestown
1688 Glorious revolution
1755-1763 French and Indian war
1765 Stamp act
1776 Declaration of independence
1781 Siege of Yorktown ends
1787 Constitutional convention
1789 Constitution ratified
1788-1796 Presidency of Washington
1794 Whisky rebellion
1796-1800 Presidency of Adams
1800-1808 Presidency of Jefferson
1801-1805 War of the Barbary pirates
1803 Louisiana purchase
1808 Congress abolishes slave trade
1808-1816 Presidency of Madison
1812-1814 War of 1812
1815 Battle of new Orleans
1816-1824 Presidency of Monroe
1820 Missouri compromise
1824-1828 Presidency of JQA
1828-1836 Presidency of Andrew Jackson
1832 Nullification crisis
1836 Texas independence
1848 Mexican American war
1850 Compromise of 1850
1857 Deed Scott decision
1860 Election of 1860, Lincoln elected
1861-1865 U.S. civil war
1863 Emancipation proclamation/Vicksburg/gettysburg
1865-1877 Reconstruction
Created by: ragetaco3000