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Middle Ages and Geo.

In the 900 ADs the vikings conquered some of western ______, just across the ______ Chanel across from England, and this land became known as ________. France, English, Normandy
William I, thought that he should claim the throne, but an Englishman named Harold decided he should have it so he took it. What did William do? He evaded England, in the Battle of Hastings and won. He became the king and began modern England.
After William rose to power, he raised taxes, and punished enemies without trial. What did the nobles do? Met in a place called Runnymede and created a "Peace Treaty" called the Magna Carta.
Since King William would not sign the Magna Carta, what did the Nobles do? They threatened and forced him to sign it.
What happened to Williams Power after he signed it? He lost some of his powers.
The Byzantine empire came under attacks by the turks, so they begged Pope Urban for help, and called on all _________ nations to participate in a crusade. Christian
The whole purpose was to free holy land and conquer _________. Jerusalem
After the first crusade, the muslims fought and took back land . And during the third one problems occurred when trying to take back jerusalem.The major effect was ____________ movement and increase in _____________. Geographic, trade
Starting in 300 AD, Europe religion created orders of men, calling them monks, they lived in monasteries. Here they could practice and focus on _________. They also contributed to their community, and practice ________. Faith, Medicine
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