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Gov Ch. 15

The Judiciary

The notion that it is the role of the Court to check the power of the federal and state executive and legislative branches when those governmental entities exceed their authority is called judicial review
The federal court of last resort with a limited original jurisdiction whose decision may not be appealed is called the U.S. Supreme Court
The middle level of the federal court structure includes courts of appeals
Judges who identify previously decided cases with similar faces and then apply the legal principles used in the earlier case to decide the current case are applying the common-law doctrine of stare decisis
Law created by legislators that identifies conduct so harmful to society as a whole that is it prohibited is called criminal law
What type of jurisdiction authorizes a court to review the interpretation and application of law from a pervious trial? appellate jurisdiction
Legal principles established by earlier cases are referred to as precedent
A wrongful act involving personal injury or harm to one's property or reputation is called tort law
The practice by which the Supreme Court justices determine if they will hear a case is called The Rule of Four
The document written by a law clerk that identifies the faces of a cased filed with the Court, the pertinent legal arguments, and a recommendation as to whether the Court should hear the case is called a cert memo
The type of brief an individual or a group that is not a party to a lawsuit can file to influence the justices' decisions in a lawsuit is _____________________________ amicus curiae brief
Judges who focus on legal norms and principles as the guiding force in their judicial decision making are following the judicial decision-making model known as the ___________________ legal model
A judicial opinion agreeing with how the majority decides the case but disagreeing with at least some of the legal interpretations or conclusions reached by the majority is called a ______________________ concurring opinion
A custom that allows senators from the president's political party to veto the president's choice of federal district court judges in the senator's home state is called ______________ senatorial courtesy
Judge-made law grounded in tradition and previous judicial decisions instead of written law is called ____________________ common law
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