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Gov Ch. 13

The Presidency

A written message that the president issues upon signing a bill into law is called a signing statement
Appointing the Fed chair and submitting a budget to Congress are part of the president's responsibilities as chief economist
Appointing the cabinet and determining how the bureaucracy will implement the laws are part of the president's responsibilities as chief executive
The office that develops policies and protects the president's legal and political interests is the White House Office
The office that creates the president's annual budget is The Office Of Management and Budget
Presidential powers that are implied in the Constitution are called inherent powers
Presidential powers granted to presidents by congressional action are called statutory powers
The right of the president to withhold information from Congress or the courts is called executive privilege
A time early in a new president's administration characterized by optimistic approval by the public is called the honeymoon period
During the Nixon administration, a scandal involving burglaries and the subsequent cover-up by high-level administration officials was called Watergate
The _______________________ is the group of experts chosen by the president to serve as advisers on running the country cabinet
The executive staff member who serves as both an adviser to the president and manager of the White House Office is the _________________ chief of staff
The ___________________ consists of the top foreign policy advisers and relevant cabinet officials who advise the president on matters of foreign policy and national security National Security Council
The constitutional basis for inherent powers is the _____________________________ take care clause
A(n) ____________________ is the power of the president to issue orders that carry the force of law executive order
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