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Gov Ch. 12


Reallocation of seats in the House of Representatives to each state based on changes in the state's population since the last census is called reapportionment
Redrawing congressional district boundaries within each state is called redistricting
A model of representation that says that a member of Congress should vote for the position that best represents his or her constituents' view even if the legislator does not share those views is called the instructed delegate model
The process by which the legislative branch check the executive branch to ensure that the laws Congress passed are being administered in keeping with the legislature's intent is called oversight
Differences between the House and the Senate do NOT include the Senate's being larger than the House
A primary committee considering a bill is called a lead committee
The system in which the member with the longest continuous tenure on a standing committee is given preference when the committee chooses its chair is called the seniority system
A congressional committee created to consider specific policy issues or addresses specific concern is called a select committee
A special tactic used to extract a bill from a committee to have it considered by the entire House is called a discharge petition
A procedural move in which a supermajority of 60 senators agrees to end a filibuster is called cloture
A designation within a spending bill that provides for a specific expenditure is called a(n) earmark
A role in which an elected or appointed leader acts as an advocate for citizens by listening to and investigating complaints about a government agency is called a(n) ombudsperson
A proposed piece of legislation is called a bill
A legislative committee's explanation to the full chamber of a bill and its intent is called a report
_____________________________ is an agreement by every senator to the terms of debate on a given piece of legislation Unanimous consent
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