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Chapter 30

guerilla warfare The Vietcong used these tactics (hit and run warfare) to fight against US military superiority
containment policy US policy during the Cold War to stop the spread of communism (it lead to US involvement in the Korean and Vietnam Wars)
Cuban Missile Crisis The event marks the closest the United States and Soviet Union came to nuclear war.
Vietnamization The gradual turning over of the war in Vietnam to the South Vietnamese
Vietnam War During the 1960s, college campuses exploded with protests against this war
domino theory The idea that once one nation falls to communism, the nations around it will also fall to communism
Bay of Pigs Invasion Failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba. CIA trained Cuban exiles attempted invade and lead an uprising.
Berlin Wall Built to permanently divide the city and stop the flow of people to West Berlin
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Act passed by Congress that gave authority to Lyndon Johnson to begin using the US military in Vietnam. While not a formal declaration of war, it serves the same purpose.
Tet Offensive US public opinion sharply turns against the war after this event which appeared to contradict statements that the Vietcong were almost defeated.
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