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Chapter 5

Turmoil Over Taxation (Test Question Help)

Describe the Proclamation of 1763 and why it was created. It essentially said no colonists could settle west beyond the Appalachian Mountain range. It was created to protect colonists from Native American attacks.
Describe how the Proclamation of 1763 outraged the colonies. Colonists had fought to settle this land during the French & Indian War. The land the colonists won in the French & Indian War was essentially given to the Native Americans. Soldiers were sent to protect the boundary but many remained in the cities.
Briefly describe the phrase “No taxation without representation”. Colonists felt that Britain had no right to tax them unless Britain gave them a representative voice in Parliament.
Briefly describe the events surrounding the Boston Massacre. In other words, explain how it happened. Colonists began to protest in front of British soldiers. The crowd grew bolder, and began throwing snowballs, ice, and oyster shells. A soldier is struck and fires, and the rest fire as well. 5 in all are killed.
Explain why Britain felt they had a right to tax the colonies They felt the colonists should help pay for the French & Indian war. but the colonies had never been taxed by Britain before. They also felt colonial representation was impossible because they weren’t paying the same tax amount as English citizens.
Explain why the colonies felt Britain had no right to tax them. The colonies were never taxed by Britain before and the Magna Carta clearly outlined that any government body needed the people’s permission to levy taxes. Colonists said they would pay the taxes if they were given a representative voice in Parliament.
What specific part of the Townshend Act terrified the colonists? Why was this particularly concerning? Writ of assistance. This document gave British official the right to search a ships cargo without a reason, and they feared it would only be a matter of time until this applied to their homes and personal property as well.
Why was Britain (Parliament) shocked at the colonies’ response to the Tea Act? This ACT actually lowered the price of tea for the colonists. England figured this was a win/win for both the British East Indian Company and the colonies.
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