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7th Grade SS Final!!

Which of these stories about Rome is a myth? Latins were Rome's first settlers Rome's founders were raised by wolves Etruscans conquered early Rome Rome's people shared Greek religion Rome's founders were raised by wolves
Which reason best explains why Romans were influenced by the Greeks and Etruscans? Rome was GEOGRAPHICALLY near to Greece and Etruria
If you were an ancient Greek and traveled to Rome, what might you see that was familiar? Sculptures
Which of the following would a plebeian be MOST likely to say? "I'm glad I don't serve in Rome's Senate." "In the Republic, I own my own land." " I fight Rome's wars, but I can't vote." " In the Republic, I serve as a priest." " I fight Rome's wars, but I can't vote."
Hammurabi was one of the first leaders to write down the laws of his Kingdom. Which event in Rome was MOST similar to this? The writing of the Twelve Tables
Which of these Roman government positions was most like our modern-day President? consuls
What was the major event that led to Rome adding most of it's territory. The Punic Wars
George S. Patton is considered one of America's greatest generals and he won many battles. His closest comparison in the city of Carthage would have been? Hannibal
Based on the picture below (two ships at war), what can you conclude about Rome and Carthage during the 2nd period of Roman Expansion? Many battles with Carthage happened at sea
, "The emperor is a great man, he's a great military leader, he has regulated businesses to prevent fraud, and has kept the economy of Rome stable." Which emperor would this person MOST likely be talking about? Tiberius
Who am I --I built a new harbor at Ostia --I built a new aqueduct for Rome --I conquered most of (modern day) Britain Claudius
Which emperor is rumored to have, but may or may not have fiddled while Rome burned? Nero
What best describes Roman housing? The rich lived in large houses made of stone and marble
Who would have said the following: "For lunch, I stopped at one of the thermopolia for bread and cheese. Tonight my family will eat fish I bought at the market to cook on the small grill in our apartment. A poor Roman woman
Why did the Roman emperors give the poor "Bread and circuses?" so the poor wouldn't rebel
Created by: kespires



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