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TOFEL Word (51-100)

Asseverate 鄭重聲言 asseverated his views with conviction (S) assert 斷言; avouch 斷言; (A) gainsay 反駁
Assiduous 刻苦的 an assiduous worker, toiling long hours (S) sedulous 勤勉的; attentive 專心的; (A) indolent 懶惰的
Asylum 收容所 found asylum from persecution (S) sanctuary 避難所; refuge 避難所
Atheist 無神論者 The atheist declared, "There is no God." (S) infidel 無信仰的; agnostic 不可知論者
Attribute 歸因於 attributed his success to bard work (S) ascribe 歸因於
Augment 增加 an army augmented by numberous enlistments (S) enhance 加強; amplify 放大; (A) abate 緩和; curtail 縮減
Auspicious 幸運的 The prospect for this project appears auspicious (S) propitious 順利的; fortunate 幸運的; ominous 惡兆的
Authentic 可靠的 provided to be an authentic document (S) veritable 真實的; bona fide 真誠的; apocryphal 偽造的
Autocratic 獨裁的 feared by the masses as an autocratic ruler (S) tyrannical 暴虐的; (A) benevolent 慈善的
Avarice 貪婪 a fortune accumulated by avarice and miserliness (S) covetousness 貪婪; cupidity 貪婪; magnanimity 寬宏大量
Awry 歪曲的 the picture, hanging awry on the wall (S) askew 歪斜的
Banal 平凡的 bored by his banal remarks (S) commonplace 平凡的; hackneyed 常見的; racy 生動的
Baneful 有害的 a baneful effect, causing serious injury (S) deleterious 有害的; pernicious 有害的; beneficent 仁慈的
Banter 嘲弄 the two wits I exchanged banter (S) raillery 開玩笑; chaff 戲弄
Baton 指揮棒 the conductor wielded his baton gracefully
Belie 掩飾 his gracios manner belied his evil purpose (S) misrepresent 誤傳
Bellicose 好戰的 His bellicose attitude often got John into fights (S) pugnacious 好鬥的; contentious 好爭吵的;pacific 愛好和平
Belligerent 好戰的 two belligerent nations warring fiercely
Benevolent 慈善的 like a benevolent monarch, bestowing many favors (S) benign 良性的; gracious 親切的; malevolent 有惡意的
Bereave 使喪失 a widow just beraved of her husband
Besmirch 弄污 besmirched his opponent's good name with vile epithets (S) defile 弄污
Biased 偏頗 misled by a biased point of view (S) bigoted 固執; arbitrary 恣意的; (A) disinterested 無私的
Created by: DrAngusKFC
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