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SS Chapter 16

territory a large region of land
annex to add or incorporate (a new territory) into a country
acquisition something that is gained, or acquired. The US made a number of land acquisitions between 1783-1853 to reach the West Coast
Manifest Destiny an American belief in the 1800's that it was the natural right of the US to expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
reservation an area of land set aside by the US government for American Indians to live on
expedition a group of people sent to explore unknown places
boundary the geographic line between two places, such as two countries
cede to give up territory, usually as the result of a treaty
pioneer one of the first people to settle in a territory
immigrant a person who comes from his or her homeland to settle in another country
Why did the US want more territory to the west between 1783-1853? to give its growing population of people (immigrants) more land to farm and live on
What territory did the US aquire in 1783? After the American Revolution ended in 1783, Great Britain gave the US control of the 13 colonies plus the territory west to the Mississippi River
What was the Louisiana Purchase of 1803? An agreement with France to purchase most of the land from the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains, but wait!!! i did not learn that!!! so screw this question
Why did President Jefferson want the Louisiana Purchase? to allow Americans to be able to ship goods down the Mississippi River to New Orleans- this was a cheaper and easier way
What was the Florida Acquisition of 1819? An agreement with Spain to give Florida to the US. Spain realized it could not keep the US from taking it over. President James Monroe arranged the purchase
What was the Texas Annexation of 1845? Congress declared Texas as the 28th state. Before that, after Mexico gained independence from Spain, it offered free land to American settlers. After disputes and battles, Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836.
What is the Acquisition of the Oregon Country in 1846 An agreement with Great Britain to avoid a war so they drew a boundary across Oregon and gave the southern part that went from the Rocky Mountains to Pacific Ocean to US.
What is Mexican Cession of 1848 and Gadsden Purchase of 1853? Mexico and US disagreed about border of Texas. After a two year war, US won and Mexico gave up huge amount of territory (California, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada). In 1853 US bought the Gadsden purchase from Mexico
What was the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-1806? President Jefferson commissioned the two soldiers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to map out the Lousiana Purchase land and to look for a Northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean.
What happened to the Cherokee Indians in 1838? The Cherokees were forced to leave their land in a harsh journey called the Trail of Tears. The US forced the Indians to move off their land to make more room for settlers.
Created by: abretz
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