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What age did the children of the crusades fight in a war? 12
What did the people in the Middle Ages believe that the body was made of? They believed that the body was made up of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air.
What items did the crusaders bring back from their travels? They brought back paper, the compass, glass mirrors, and silk.
What was the bubonic plague? The bubonic plague was an illness that was spread by infected rats. It usually caused death in two days.
What is another name for the bubonic plague? It was also known as black death.
How many children fought in the Children's Crusades? 50,000 children
How did King Arthur become king? There was a stone with a sword in it that many people before King Arthur tried to remove the sword but were unsuccessful. The message on the stone said: whoever removed the sword from the stone would become king.
Who was the first person to take children into war during the Crusades? Stephen of Vendome France
Where did the nursery rhyme Ring Around the Rosie originate? The nursery rhyme is about Black Death.
Flourish To grow strong and healthy because conditions are right; to thrive; to prosper
medieval relating to the Middle Ages, a major historical time period in history
charter a formal written statement describing the right and responsibilities of a state and its leaders and citizens.
Magna Carta It is a document signed by King John of England in 1215. This document states the basic rights of people. This document became the foundation of our constitution.
Why were the crusade fought? Christian Crusaders wanted to take the city of Jerusalem away from the Muslims because their pilgrims were no longer allowed there.
What is a pilgrim? Someone who travels to another land for religious purposes.
Who fought in the crusades? All classes of citizens fought in the crusades.
Who won the first victory when the Crusaders reached Jerusalem? The Crusaders won the first victory.
What were some of the weapons and methods of attack used in the battles of the Crusades? The trebuchet, battling ram, dropped boiling water on attackers, tunneling under a wall, diseased dead horses.
What were some methods of medicine used during the Crusades? They leeches to clean the blood, onions for eye infections, they hung themselves upside down to treat headaches.
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