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Gestapo Germany's secret police
Blitzkrieg Lightning Wars
Pearl Harbor (When, Why, Who) December 7, 1941, Because the Americans cut of war supplies, Japan
Manhattan Project The plan for the Nuclear Bomb was made.
RAF Royal Air Force
Luftwaffe German Air Force
Appeasement To give in, Britain and France gave into Germany
Isolationism U.S practiced it to not have another war, Not my problem not my war.
Axis Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers Britain, U.S, France, Soviet Union, China
Nuremberg Laws The laws Jews had to follow
Nuremberg Trials Where Nazis were tried for war crimes
D-Day Allied Powers invaded Normandy
Pacific Theater Know as Island Hopping, Japan fighting
Operation Sea Lion Germany attacks Britain
Maginot Line French Line of defense
The Big Three and Yalta Three leaders met, In Yalta
Tojo Japanese Leader
Stalin Leader of the Soviet Union, Communist
SS The army Hitler used
3rd Reich What Hitler called his empire
Anti-Semitism Hatred of the Jews
Operation Barabossa Hitler wanted to attack the Soviet Union, FAILED
Munich Conference Britain and France telling Hitler no
Non-Aggression Pact Germany and Soviet Union agreed not to attack, but two years later Germany attacked
Island Hopping Taking over islands of strategic places
The Dessert Fox Erwin Rommel
Douglas MacArthur idea of island hopping
El Alamein, and importance of North Africa Gave us another front in the war
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