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Not a QuizletTXHistory

Barbed Wire Barrier; Ended Open Range
Railroads in TX Increase commerce
Medicine Lodge Creek Treaty (1867) Stop Raids; Move to OK or Reservation; Relief in Return
New Deal Relief, Recovery, Reform from Government in 1930's; Mixed results on effect
TX Independence 1836
TX Secession 1861
Spanish Exploration of TX 1528 (Narvaez/de Vaca)
Cattle Drives Livestock to Railroads
Texas A & M and Morrill Act (land grants for higher ed.) 1876
Dr. Michael De Bakey Heart by-pass surgery
Dust Bowl (weather) Drought, wind
Dust Bowl (modifications) Over Grazing; Over farming; Dry farming
Most Civil Rights' gains of 1950's-1960's Desegregation of schools public accommodations; anti-discrimination in workplace; voting rights
Civil Rights Presidents FDR - Started idea; Truman - desegregated the Army; Eisenhower - Little Rock and Two Civil Rights Act; JFK PUSHED FOR CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1963; LBJ - IT BECAME THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, PLUS VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 1965
Progressive Reforms Women's rights, unions, more direct democracy, help for minorities
TX was Democratic Party majority, but in the 1970's... Switched to Republican Majority
Great Depression Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Barbara Jordan African-American woman elected to US Congress
Urban Industries in TX (turn of 20th Century) oil, banks, RR's
Boom and Bust Economy is good, and oil is flowing...OR...prices low, demand low and the derricks are not moving!
NASA Houston, TX; thank you LBJ (Clear Lake area)
Outsourcing companies to Mexico reasons Cheaper land, taxes, labor
Antitrust Law prevents companies from conspiring to control ALL about a business (like a monopoly)
TX Bill of Rights like US Bill of Rights protections
Worst Natural Disaster Still 1900 Great Storm on Galveston Island
Great Depression 1929 Stock Market Crash, followed by an unprecedented financial panic world wide
Galveston modifications seawall; raise island's buildings
First battle in TX v. Mexico Gonzalez (Come and Take It)
Biggest users of Petroleum fuel Automobiles and airplanes
Reconstruction 1865'ish' to 1877
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Technology sequence Think Stone Age to Agricultural (Neolithic) Revolution to Industrial Revolution to Computer Technology
Created by: jaywbkb