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Facts about the roaring twenties

What was the roaring twenties? A period after WW1 where Amercans were celebrating the end of the war and their new found prosperity.
Dance Jazz music was popular all around and people started having more fun with dance instead of being formal.
Gansters Violent mobsters including Al Capone and Charles Luciano who sold intoxicating liquor banned at the time but it was eventually unbanned.
Movies Along with the twenties came many new inventions such as silent black and white films
Sayings the twenties had a lot of new slang such as flappers,speakeasies,reds,jazzbos, and scram
Flappers Women who drank smoked and wore loose dresses without a corset and lots of makeup changing the image of a women
Hairstyles Just like all ages the twenties had their own style, for men it was parted in the middle and very flat and close to their head, for women it was usually in a bob cut style
Make up Before the twenties believe it or not make up up was pretty unacceptable it meant a loose care free life
Cars Yet another useful invention given to us by the twenties
Warren G. Harding This president promised that he would return thing to normalcy
Henry Ford The inventor of the car
Radio In the 20s radios were very popular
Popular sports Some popular sports were, baseball,tennis,golf,football, and tennis
Pro football Was first started in the twenties
Winter Olympics The first Winter Olympics were held in 1924
Created by: Oliviafrye