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What year did WW1 start? 1914
Who was in the Triple Entente? France, Britain and Russia.
Who was in the Triple Alliance? Germany, Italy and Austro Hungary.
What year did WW1 finish? 1918
Who started WW1? Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Gavrillo Princip.
How many years did WW1 last? 4
Which country made the first declaration of war? Germany.
Which countries were neutral? Italy and U.S.A.
What date is ANZAC Day? 25th of April.
What date is Remembrance Day? 11th of November.
What was WW1 also called? 'The Great War'.
What date did the first Australian ship land on the bay of Gallipoli? 25th of April.
How many casualties were there? Over 38 million.
How many deaths were there? Over 17 million.
How many were wounded? 20 million.
Where did Australia fight? The Western Front, War at Sea, Gallipoli, and The Middle East.
What does ANZAC stand for? Australian New Zealand Army Corpse.
What does AIF stand for? Australian Imperial Forces.
How many soldiers had been selected and organised into the 1st Infantry Division and a Light Horse Brigade by September 1914? 20,000.
When did Britain declare war on Germany? 4 August 1914.
Between what dates did thousands of young Australian and New Zealand soldiers die on the beaches and cliffs and in the gullies of Turkey's Gallipoli Peninsula during Australias first land campaign of WW1. 25th of April and 18 December, 1915.
Who was the strategy for an Allied attack on Gallipoli, based on? Winston Churchill.
On what morning did the first landing of soldiers on the beaches of Gallipoli take place? 25 April 1915.
Where did British and French troops land? Around Cape Helles.
How many men did the Turks lose? 10,000.
What did soldiers make grenades out of? Jam tins.
What were the jam tin grenades filled with? Explosives, nails, stones and shrapnel.
After several months, the British command finally accepted that ... victory would not be possible.
On the 18-19 May the ANZACs withstood a massive counterattack as ....... ......... were ordered to drive them from their positions and back into sea. 42,000 Turks
Where did the dead or wounded lay? In no mans land.
Created by: alanacruickshank