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World War 1

Humanities world war one revison

What datedid World War 1 start? July 28th 1914
What date did World War 1 finish ? November 11th 1918
Who was in The Triple Alliance? Germany, Italy and Austro-Hungary.
Who was in The Triple Entente? France, Brittan and Russia
Which countries were neutral? Italy and U.S.A
Whose death sparked the start of World War 1? Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Gavrilo Princip
How long did World War 1 go for? 4 years (1914 - 1918)
What date is Remembrance Day? 11th of November
What was another name of World War 1? The great war
What date did the first Australian ship arrive in Gallipoli? 25th of April, 1915
What date is Australia Day? 25th April
Where did Australia fight? The Western Front, War at Sea, The Middle East and Gallipoli
What does ANZAC stand for? Australian and New Zealand Army Core
What does AIF stand for? Australian Imperial Forces
Which country made the first declaration of war? Austria-Hungary
Who did Austria-Hungary have the first declaration of war on? Serbia
In what city was Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated? Sarajevo
Germany’s attack upon which country directly provoked Britain to go to war? Belgium
Germany’s plan for fighting France and Russia was called The Schlieffen Plan
Which early battle marked the first major German defeat? The Marne
Italy’s action in the war was primarily against Austria-Hungary
A war of attrition is defined as A war in which victory is determined not by which side seizes the most territory but by which side loses the most men
How we trenches usually designed? In a zigzag pattern
What did the field workers do? cook and supply food for the troops
What was no mans land? The space between the two opposing trenches
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