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Sem2Final Review

Who was Thurgood Marshal? He was an black lawyer who worked for the NAACP. He played a large role in the Brown vs Board of Education case, and he became the first African American named to the Supreme Court
Who was Bull Connor ? Police chief of Birmingham. He violently opposed civil rights protests and reforms.
Who was James Meredith? He was the first black student to be allowed to enroll in the University of Mississippi, after the federal government put pressure on university leaders.
Who was Malcolm X? He was an African American civil rights activist who became a member of the Black Muslims, a group which emphasized relying on themselves to achieve progress
What was the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)? This organization was first created in order to maintain the sit-in protest movement started in North Carolina. Participating in various protest and was composed largely of student members.
What major event led to the creation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)? This organization was created following the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott. Martin Luther King became its first president after emerging as a national leader in the Boycott.
What famous protest is CORE known for facilitating across the South? Core organized a series of freedom rides throughout the South in order to test segregation laws and raise awareness for their cause. They were attacked by the KKK and their bus was firebombed.
Who founded the NAACP? W.E.B. Dubois
What was the Black Panthers Organization? A militant civil rights group that abandoned nonviolent protest and advocated the use of violence to achieve equality
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do? It made discrimination based on race or gender illegal in the workplace as well as public areas
What did the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court Case determine? It ruled that separation based on race was legal as long as the facilities provided to both were equal
What was the purpose of affirmative action? It was intended to ensure that women and minorities received equal access to education and employment opportunities
What was the Little Rock Nine Incident? How did the President LBJ respond? Following court ruling that schools must desegregate, nine students were chosen by the NAACP to go to an all white school in Little Rock Arkansas. The governor blocked their entrance, so LBJ sent federal troops in to enforce integration.
What is De Facto Segregation? Segregation that occurs because of customs and habits. Example: when suburbs emerged they were inhabited by mostly white families (black families were excluded due to poverty and other discrimination not enforced by law)
What is De jure segregation? Segregation that is created and enforced by law
What was the Domino Theory? The idea that if one country fell to communism, than the nearby countries would fall to communism as well
What was the Tonkin Gulf Incident? North Vietnam navy vessels allegedly opened fire on the U.S.S. Maddox while it was gathering intelligence data.
What power did the Tonkin Gulf Resolution give to the president? It gave the president permission to use force in order to protect U.S interests in Vietnam, as well as prevent the expansion of North Vietnam. In effect, it gave the president the power to go to war without an actual declaration of war.
What are hawks and doves? War hawks are aggressive and tend to favor going to war; doves prefer peaceful negotiation and staying out of war
What was the turning point of the Vietnam War? The Tet Offensive - a surprise attack by the North Vietnamese hitting hundreds of targets in South Vietnam
Who were the Vietcong? The gorilla warfare fighters in South Vietnam who fought for North Vietnam
Who is Ho Chi Minh? Communist leader of North Vietnam
What was the policy of Vietnamization? This was the policy of turning control of the war over to South Vietnam and gradually withdrawing U.S soldiers
What restrictions did the War Powers Act place on the president of the United States? Established 60 day limit on the president use of troops without a declaration of war. If no declaration had been passed, than by 60 days the troops have to be recalled.
What did the 26th amendment do? It lowered the voting age from 21 to 18.
What major events take place under Lyndon B. Johnson? Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were passed. The Vietnam War began. LBJ's Great Society is enacted, which created programs like Medicare and Medicaid
What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Medicare = care for the elderly Medicaid = Aid for those in need (the poor)
What was the Watergate scandal? A group of men working for President Nixon broke in and bugged the democratic headquarters and stole important documents. After being caught, Nixon attempted to cover the incident up, leading to his impeachment and resignation as president.
What major events took place during the presidency of Jimmy Carter? A new agreement was signed with Panama releasing US control of the Canal, The Iranian Hostage crisis, oil shortages
What action did Richard Nixon take to protect the environment? He signed the Clean Air Act into law in 1970 and helped establish the Environmental Protection Agency.
What major event occurred in July of 1969? Apollo II landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.
How did President Carter attempt to reduce American dependence on foreign oil sources? 1 - promoted conservation of oil 2- promoted the development of alternative energy sources 3-loosened regulation on American oil companies which boosted American production of oil
What was the Camp David Accord? It was a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. President Carter played a major role in working out this deal at the Camp David Retreat.
What was the Iranian Hostage Crisis? American Embassy workers were held hostage after a revolution in Iran that overthrew the pro American leader. New government held hostages for 444 days before releasing them.
Who was the leader of South Vietnam? Ngo Din Diem
Created by: chris22h
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