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Chapter 27 Vocab

arms race a growth in weapons based on the number of weapons an enemy country has
baby boom a sharp increase in the number of American births during the 1950s and 1960s
beats young people, many of whom were writers and artists, who discussed their dissatisfaction with the American Society
brinkmanship the Cold War foreign policy designed to "get to the verge without getting into the war"
Cold War a period of hostility between Western powers and Communist powers
containment a foreign policy that attempts to stop the spread of communism without ending it in the countries in which it already exists
Fair Deal President Truman's legislative plan for the nation that included antilynching laws
hydrogen bomb a thermonuclear weapon that gets its powers from splitting a hydrogen atom
Marshall Plan the idea that the U.S. could help rebuild wartorn Europe with loans and other economic aid
Nuremberg trials the war crimes trials of Nazi leaders
Sputnik the first artificial satellite, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957
38th parallel the boundary between North and South Korea before the Korean War
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