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Vietnam War

Fidel Castro Cuban rebel and an unpopular dictator
Ho Chi Minh A leading Vietnamese nationalist
Vietminh Northenerns
Domino theory The theory that if one country falls to communism then nearby countries would fall to communism
Ngo Dinh Diem A communist dictator
Vietcong Communist guerrilla forces called their army this
Project Rolling Thunder Surprise attacks
Search and Destroy Missions U.S. patrols searched for hidden enemy camps and destroyed them with air raids and massive firepower
Ho Chi Minh Trail A supply route that the North Vietnamese and it led into South Vietnam
Tonkin Gulf Resolution It gave president authority to send troops there were any attacks against the United States
Escalation Increased involvement
William Westmoreland The American general who helped in the Vietnam war
Tet Offensive Surprise attacks on South Vietnam
Agent orange A poison that caused people to die and it affected food to
Doves People who were against they were named this because dove means peace
Hawks People who supported the war
My Lai Massacre Many people were killed in my tai
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) People didn’t support the draft
Hippies They grew their hair long and wore unusual clothing
Richard Nixon Promised to bring peace with honor to Vietnam
Henry Kissinger The national security advisor
Twenty sixth Amendment The federal voting age went from 21 to 18
War Powers Act It requires the president to get congressional approval before sending U.S. troops
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