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Civil War

Missouri Compromise 1820 Missouri entered the union as a slave state Maine entered the Union as a free state
Compromise of 1850 Califronia joined the Union as a free state other SW states would vote for them selves
Kansas-Nebraska Act Peope in each state would vote for slave or free state (popular soverty)
North *Favored tariffs *Against Slavery *Nation cant be split *Central Government better *Industrial *Urban/cities
South *Dislike Tariffs *Depend on slavery *Can leave the union *Agucaulture *States laws beter *Rural/Country
Abraham Licoln 16th President of USA made Emacipation Proclamation made Gettysburg Address Only one Nation
Jefferson Davis President of Confedricy
Ulysses S. Grant Genral of US army
Robert E. Lee
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Skilled Genral On C side form VA
Fredrick Douglas Former slave and abolisionist
Clara Barton CIVIL war nurse who helped make Red Cross
Robert Smalls Union naval captin Congressman after war
South Secession Beacuse Licoln was president
Fort Sumter First shots fired of Civil War (south)
Battle of Bull Run/ Manassas First Major battle
Battle of Vicksburg Gave Union the missippi river
Battle of Gettysburg Turning point fought from hills and almost got Lee
Appomattox Courthouse Lee surender to Grant 1865
Union Strategy Capture Richmond block southern ports and control Missippi River
Emancipation Proclamation Licon order to free slaves
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