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chapter24 pa hist

olol 4th grade

What is coke coke is a product that can be made into a cheap fuel
For what is Henry Clay Frick best known? making coke
For what is Charles Hall best known? making aluminum
What replaced iron in household use? why? steel replaced iron in household use because iron easily broke when something heavy was placed on it
what two natural resources are used to make glass? sand and soft coal
From what natural resources is cement made from? grounded limestone , water, small stones and sand
for what is John D . Rockerfeller best known? running a oil refinery
What is the most important natural resource hauled by our railroads? coal
For what is George westinghouse best known? for making headlights and air brakes for trains
industrial revolution business in pa started booming
steel makers William Kelly and Henry Bessemer
What is Pittsburg known for? steel
Steelmill maker Andrew Canegie
soft coal used to make coal (fuel)
Henry Clay Frick maker of coal
Charles Hall maker of aluminum
John D Rockerfeller king of oil (nickname)
what is civil war war fought between the same country
what is slavery people forced to work for people with no pay
Created by: jamjon93