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I am Princess X


What was the cause of the War of 1812 Great Britain placed restrictions on US trade the impressment of the US desire to expand their territory
What was the effect of the war of 1812 the effect of the war of 1812 was that the settlers in the north west territory were free of conflicts with indians
who won the war of 1812 nobody won the war of 1812
who wrote the star spangled banner francis scott key
what is the job of the executive branch carry out laws
what even inspired francis scott key to write the star spangled banner after the battle when the british took over washington d. c. fracis scott key was very happy when he finally saw the american flag hanging over the fort. This is what inspired him to write the star spangled banner.
the first amendment states that we have the right to petition the government what does that mean petition the government means to request for something
what did the louisiana purchase do for the u.s. The louisiana purchase made the u.s. double in size
what are the 3 branches of the government Legaslative, Judicial executive
what is the job of the legislative branch make laws
what is the job of the judicial branch evaluate laws
what is the purpose of the 3 branches of the government to make sure that no one branch has too much power
what is free enterprise free enterprise is an economic system in which people are able to run their own buisnesses with little help from the goverment
when did the reconstruction era begin after the civil war
what is something that free enterprise allows for the citizens of the u.s. freedom of choice
what caused the u.s. to join world war 2 pearl harbor
what right are we given in the 15th amendment the right that african american men are allowed to vote
what does the statue of libery represent freedom
why did james madison push for the bill of rights to be added to the united states constitution he believed that the constitution should protect indivisual rights
describe the reconstruction era the u.s was rebuilding
what is henry ford known for for creating the assembly line that made producing cars much easier
what is an assembly line was created during the industrial revolution to make something as it moves down a line
what did the transcontinentel railroad do for the u.s. made transportation from the east to west much easier
what do samuel adams alexander graham bell and thomas edison have in common all famous 19th century inventors
what was started when rosa parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man a boycott
Created by: I am Princess X