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US hist Sem 2 Part 3

Final Exam Review

Baby Boom An explosion in the infant population
Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896 court case that said separate but equal is constitutional
Non-violent resistance Avoiding violence to gain equal rights
Jim Crow Laws Unwritten laws in the south that kept segregation alive afer the Civil War
Black Power Using any means necessary, even violence to gain equality
segregation The forced separation of the races
Great Society LBJ's plan for domestic social reform
New Frontier JFK's vision for our countryNo
November 22, 1963 Assassination of JFK
Establishment Traditional culture
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Gave LBJ the authority to conduct the war in Vietnam
Viet Cong Group opposed to Diem; our enemy
Vietnamization Nixon's plan for the South Vietnamese to take over the fighting from American forces.
Tet Offensive North Vietnamese offensive launched in 1968.
Detente Attempt to lessen the tensions during the Cold War
Iran Contra Scandal Involved exchanging money and weapons for hostages while diverting funds to the Contras
Reaganomics Economic policy that called for tax breaks to the rich to encourage spending.
Glasnost The opening of Soviet society to new ideas
Peristroika The restructuring of how the Soviets conducted economic business.
Created by: Freshmensphs