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US hist Sem 2 Part 2

Final Exam Review

1960's counterculture Groups that often shared living space and rejected Establishment values.
Vietminh Group that fought the French to gain national liberation.
Taking hostages at the US embassy in Tehran Iranian students protested America in the late 1970's by...
Documents to hurt the Democratic Party What the Watergate burglars were looking for...
Richard Nixon's tape recordings Evidence important in the Watergate scandal
The Camp David Accords Attempted to establish peace in the Middle East
Create fear in the Soviets through huge defense spending How did Reagan deal with communism and the Soviet Union?
Appeasement Giving in to a nation to maintain peace
VE day The war in Europe ends
VJ day The war in Japan ends
Holocaust mass extermination of Jews and others by Germans
Axis Powers Alliance between Japan, Germany and Italy
Containment Policy of preventing the further spread of Communism
Sputnik Soviet satellite launched in 1957
Cold War War of words between the US and the Soviet Union
United Nations An alliance of nations that promoted peace
Iron Curtain Imaginary wall separating Western and Eastern Europe.
Corporate Ladder Promotions within a company that means more pay and benefits
Suburbs New living areas on the outskirts of cities
American Dream Owning a home, raising kids enjoying life
Created by: Freshmensphs
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