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Bravo Final Exam

Cumulative Louisiana History from the 2015-2016 School Year

Time is a system of __________ used to relate one ______ to any other ______. Time is used to show _______ in which events occurred. In studying __________ it is helpful to understand as many _______ of ______ as possible. measurement, event, event, sequence, history, periods, time.
AD/CE - BC/BCE Anno Domini (year of our lord)/Common Era - Before Christ/Before Common Era
Biennial Every 2 years
Dynasty Succession of Rulers
Epoch vs Epic Period of time when something particular/cool happens vs A long poem with a heroic figure
Eon A long, indefinite time.
Fortnight 2 weeks
Generation 15-25 years
PM Past Meridien (Past Noon)
Score 20 years
Sesquicentennial 150 years
What are the 5 Regions? Mississippi Floodplain, Terraces, Marsh, Red River Valley, Hills
Clan A group of related families
Totem Peace pipe
Heritage The values and traditions handed down from previous generations
Immunity Natural resistance to disease
Mastodon A prehistoric elephant
What do Hurricanes need to form and survive? What is a big step in the formation of hurricanes? Warm Ocean Water; the collision of high and low pressure air is the Equator
What scale are hurricanes measured on and how? Saffir-Simpson Scale, 1-5.
What two stages must a hurricane go through before becoming a hurricane? Depression and Storm
What is the main measure of a hurricane? millibars for pressure
What are wetlands uses? (6) Flood control, Recreation, Education + Research, Storm Buffer, Improves water quality, wildlife habitat.
What are wetland problems? (6) Loss of habitat, Levees, Hurricanes, Oil Drilling, Loss of 25-35 miles per year, Canals dredged, Pollution
What are wetland solutions? (6) Millions of $ spent, Sediment Diversion Projects, CWPPRA, Commerce (commercial value), Reintro water.
What is economy? The production and exchange of goods + services among a group of people
Sustainability The trait to continue, to "sustain"
Which of the following are natural, capital, and human resources? 1. Wood 2. Workers 3. Wrench 1. Natural 2. Human 3. Capital
What is scarcity? Making a choice when there is not enough of something for everyone
Opportunity benefit vs cost Cost - The value of your second choice, the alternative. WHAT YOU GIVE UP Benefit - what you get, the good part
Trade offs You give up something to get something else
1. Non renewable vs 2. renewable 1. Will not replenish, limited 2. Unlimited, replenishes
Artifacts Pieces of bone, tools, and stone left behind by ancient people
Pirogue A dugout
Temple Mounds A raised area for religious ceremonies
Midden Garbage mound left by prehistorical people
Tribe A group of people with common name, ancestry, language, and way of living
Archaeologist A scientist who studies artifacts
Calumet Symbol of a tribe
Anthropology The scientific study of humans and their development
Archaeology The study of the remains of past human cultures
Excavation The study of an archaeological site by carefully digging through layers of earth
Geology The science that deals with Earth's history as recorded through rocks
Hypothesis An assumption to be investigated
Paleontology The study of the fossil remains of plants and animals
Paleo Tribe Characteristics Earliest (BCE), Nomadic, Hunted for food, had spears + projectiles, temporary shelters, animal skin clothing, crossed land bridges
Meso Tribe 2nd (BCE) Semi N, Hunted + Gathered, Atlatl tool, more permanent shelter, ceremonial mounds, stone bowls, etc
Early Neo Tribe Poverty Point, Sedentary, Farmed + fished, bow and arrow, villages, more elaborate ornaments, buried items with PP.
Late Neo Tribe BCE to Europeon. Sedentary, intercropping, bow and arrow, larger villages, religious mounds.
What were threats to Louisiana's Native American tribes? Disease, War, taking their land, etc.
Name the expressions up the Mississippi Joilet and Marquette, then La Salle claimed it for France with Tonti (Iron Hand)
The French Colony - who were the main colonizes? Iberville + Bienville
Who were the Pelican Girls + Casket Girls? Ladies sent over to the colony to increase morale
Crozat and Law Proprietors that tried to make $$$ but just annoyed everyone and failed miserably.
What is proprietorship? A system where the king (Louis XIV) gives the the colony over to a businessman to run like a business.
Why was Governor V unusual? He brought "class" to NOLA
Who was St. Denis? French Explorer
Propaganda is used to ____. falsely advertise a place. In this case, persuade people to move to NOLA
The results of the French and India war led to... Spain getting LA
Why was NOLA put where it is? Port city, MR and LP, Fertile soil, strategic for battle
Created by: flamingocfs
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