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The Civil War

All questions on Mr. Boetchers Civil War Review

Define Wilmot Proviso. Neither slavery or involuntary servitude shall ever exist in any part of the new territory
Define sectionalism. Devotion to one region over the nation.
Define popular sovereignty. Allowed voters in an area to decide if they wanted to ban or promote slavery.
Why are so many Americans moving to California in the 1840's and 50's? California was Anti-Slavery.
Why is California coming into the Union such a controversial issue? California would upset the balance of free and slave states.
What happens in the Compromise of 1850? 1. California entered as a free state. 2. All new territory would be up to Pop Sov. 3. Abolished the slave trade in the nations Capital. 4. Fugitive Slave Act.
What does the Kansas-Nebraska Act do? Repeals the missouri compromise. Allowed pop sov north of the 36-30 line.
Who wins the popular sovereignty of Kansas? Pro Slavery
Who is Dred Scott? A slave.
Explain the Dred Scott Decision. 1. African Americans were not citizen under the constitution so thy had no rights 2. The Missouri compromise restrictions on slavery was unconstitutional. 3. Congress did not have the right to ban slavery in federal territories.
7 states that seceded to form the confederate states of America. South Carolina Mississippi Florida Alabama Georgia Louisiana Texas
How does the civil war start? When the south attacked fort sumter.
Advantages of the North. large population 85% of factories more supplies.
Advantages of the South. Fighting for a cause Military Superiority
Why do some northerners want Emancipation. same reason I do.
Emancipation Proclamation Freed the slaves in all areas that were in rebellion against the U.S.
Copperheads Northern Democrats that don't support the war.
Explain the battle of Gettysburg. Bloodiest Battle Union held high ground and defeated the south lasted 3 days 41,000 deaths
What as the importance of the Union taking Atlanta? Railroad transportation Allowed Lincoln to win the re election
Name two consequences of the Civil War. The amount of deaths had to Rebuild and pay for damage
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