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The North and The So

US History Chapter 14: The North and The South

Domestic slave trade increased. What was one of the consequences of the cotton gin?
Northeast By 1860, where were most of the country’s goods manufactured?
Upper South Which area became a center for the sale and transport of enslaved people throughout the South?
natural waterways In general, what did farmers and factory owners in the South use in order to transport their goods?
demand in Europe Which of the following kept the price of cotton high in the years before 1860?
spirituals African American folk songs that expressed the passionate beliefs of the South's enslaved workers were called
Nat Turner Who was the religious leader who led a slave revolt in 1831?
The Underground Railroad The network of safe houses that assisted runaway enslaved people was known as the ____________________________.
famine What caused the increase in Irish migration to the United States?
formed trade unions What did workers do to improve their working conditions?
earn a profit The main goal of large plantation owners was to
telegraph Which invention filled the need for a method of communication that kept up with the industrial growth and fast-paced travel?
mechanical reaper Which invention ensured that raising wheat would remain the main economic activity in the Midwestern prairies?
11.4 hours By 1840, what was the average workday for factory workers?
William Gregg Which South Carolina merchant opened a textile factory?
nativists During the 1830s and 1840s, what were people called who were opposed to immigration?
yeomen The largest group of whites in the South was made up of
steel-tipped plow What did John Deere invent in 1837?
Deep South In 1850 Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas were part of which region?
discrimination What problem did women face in the workplace?
Pennsylvania In which state did the Great Train Wreck of 1856 occur?
cotton What was the main crop of the Deep South?
Germany From which country did the second largest group of immigrants arrive into the United States between 1820 and 1860?
miles of railroad tracks By 1860, the United States had almost 31,000
strike refusal to work
prejudice unfair opinion not based on fact
Macon B. Allen became a licensed lawyer
Sarah Bagley founded Lowell Female Labor Reform Organization
Know-Nothing Party formed by nativists in 1849
literacy the ability to read and write
legal permitted by law
brief short in duration
tenant farmers farmed landlords' estates
credit to purchase goods with loaded money
trade union a group of workers with the same skill
capital money to invest
discrimination unfair treatment of a specific group
Created by: Ms Plyler
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